Leg Day – 26.03.15 – New 1 rep PR and nothing else!

Well it’s a been over a week since I last posted, and since I last worked out. But I did break my 1 rep max squat, whoop!

I’ve been so busy with getting the new spring/summer range of clothing onto our website, I’ve just not had any time in the evenings to do much other than eat, add more product lines and then go to bed.

But it’s nearly done and I’ll be back to normal after this weekend. During the last week though I’ve broken both my 1 and 2 rep squat PR’s, which I’m well chuffed with. But I’ve left it at that for now, nothing else exercise wise.

My 1 rep max was 134.5kg from back at the end of 2013, but it’s now 137.5kg, whoop! Although it should have been a lighter heavier I think. I went to bed way too late for the 3 straight nights and they caught up with me on leg day monday this week, and although I felt tired I decided to try for a 1 rep max, and just got it.

I know I’ve probably got more in the tank so I’m going to make sure I get enough sleep over the next 3 nights and then Monday I’m going to try again one last time before I move onto trying to increase my deadlift max from 164kg.

Anyhoo, better go, bed early, up working on the farm during the day tomorrow then back home to add more product lines to the website.

Until next time…



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