Shoulders and Chest Day 14.03.15 – Overhead Presses and Incline Bench Press

Today I had to combine both shoulders and chest into one workout as I’m off at the in laws tomorrow for mothers day. Which was ok as I dropped most accessory lifts and did just one along with the main lift for each body part.

Here’s what I did today:

Barbell Overhead Press 8 34.5kg
Barbell Overhead Press 6 39.5kg
Barbell Overhead Press 2 63.5kg
Barbell Overhead Press 2 63.5kg
Barbell Overhead Press 4 58.5kg
Barbell Overhead Press 6 53.5kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 6 12.5kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 8 11kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 10 11kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 12 10kg
Incline Bench Press 8 52.5kg
Incline Bench Press 6 60kg
Incline Bench Press 4 86kg
Incline Bench Press 6 77.5kg
Incline Bench Press 8 69.5kg
Dumbbell Flye 8 21kg
Dumbbell Flye 10 18.5kg
Dumbbell Flye 10 18.5kg
Dumbbell Flye 12 16kg

As per my deadlifts this week I kept the heaviest weights the same as last week for each main lift, which I will also do for the remainder of the months workouts for these lifts and just increase the reps if I feel that I can do.

Been pretty manic every evening this week with business stuff. Adding old stock to ebay and new stock to the website. So that on top of working at the orchard and my workouts I’ve been pretty whacked every night this week, sleeping hasn’t been a problem at all lol.

Sticking to just one really heavy workout and making the others slightly lighter has definitely helped me feel not so whacked this week. Although I’ve been as tired as normal each evening, my body hasn’t felt beat up every day which is nice for a change.

Anyhoo, I’ve got more stock to add to the website, so I’m off.

Until next time…



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