Back Day – 12.03.15 – Deadlifts and Weighted Ring Pull Ups

Well todays back workout should have been yesterday, but I was busy doing business stuff and had to put it off. And although I got home today and had to wait for my partner to finish her workout and really didn’t fancy doing anything, I got changed into my workout gear and got on with it.

This is what I did today:

Deadlift: 6 x 86.5kg, 4 x 100kg, 2 x 150kg, 2 x 140kg, 4 x 130kg, 4 x 120kg.

Weighted Ring Pull Up: 4 x 12.5kg, 6 x 10kg, 6 x 10kg, 8 x 7.5kg.

I also decided that for todays back workout and my shoulder and chest workouts at the weekend I’m going to stick to doing just the main lift and one accessory lift, and then from next week I’m going to stick with doing leg day as my full on heavy day and the other 3 workouts are going to be around 80% max for the remainder of this month.

I’ve found that as I’ve now reached a heavy level of weights which are close to my 1 rep maxes I’m unable to do all 4 workouts a week like this.

So I’m going to stick to doing just one of the workouts at the heaviest weight and the others at a less amount for a month, then swap it around, which will mean I’m doing a 4 month cycle in reality.

I hoping that this will allow me to continue to increase my strength in each main lift and also continue to build muscle too.

I’ve noticed the last few weeks that my shoulders are looking wider, my chest fuller and my legs are getting bigger and more definition in, so all my workouts are working so far, but I know that I’ve reached my limit going on heavy for all 4 workouts as I stalled last week, and have been feeling pretty whacked.

So a quick rethink and rejig of my workouts and I think I’ve got a plan to continue on getting strong and bigger, just time will tell if it works!

Until next time…



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