Back Day – 04.03.15 – Deadlifts, Weighted Ring Pull Ups and Barbell Rows

Great back workout today, but I’m also slightly disappointed with it too. I wanted 3 reps on my heaviest set but could only manage 2, I just couldn’t lock out the 3rd rep. So I rested for a few minutes and then did another 2 rep set.

I then thought I’d take off just under 10% of the weight for the 4 rep set and man did that whack me, so I took a little more than 10% off for the final set lol.

Weight ring pull ups were ok until the last set, where I could only do 7 reps before failing on the 8th. Which I thought was down to the deadlifts whacking my back, but then I felt strong on the bent over rows.

Did some barbell curls which I feel like I’m getting a little stronger on lately, seeing as though I’m doing them twice a week compared to none at all last year, so that’s no surprise lol

Anyway nothing more to say today, I pruned apple trees as normal on the farm, felt tired getting home and just got on with my workout, nothing other than normal lol.

Here’s what I did today:

Deadlift 6 85kg
Deadlift 6 100kg
Deadlift 2 155kg
Deadlift 2 155kg
Deadlift 4 142kg
Deadlift 6 125kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 4 10kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 6 7.5kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 8 5kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 7 2.5kg
Barbell Row 6 56.5kg
Barbell Row 8 56.5kg
Barbell Row 10 54kg
Barbell Row 12 54kg
Barbell Curls 8 29kg
Barbell Curls 8 29kg
Barbell Curls 10 26.5kg
Barbell Curls 10 26.5kg

Until next time…



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