Chest Day – 22-02-15 – Incline Bench Press 4 rep PR and Thank Fuck it’s Rest Week.

Todays chest workout went better than I thought it would, a 4 rep incline bench press was the highlight.

After yesterdays shoulder workout and not hitting the amount of reps I wanted to on the heaviest set of overhead press, I thought today might be the same for the incline bench press, but low and behold all 4 reps went up well and I actually felt like I had another rep left in me.

Heres what I did today:

Incline Bench Press 8 52.5kg
Incline Bench Press 6 60kg
Incline Bench Press 4 85kg
Incline Bench Press 6 76.5kg
Incline Bench Press 10 68.5kg
Dumbbell Flye 6 21kg
Dumbbell Flye 8 18.5kg
Dumbbell Flye 10 16kg
Dumbbell Flye 14 13.5kg
Weighted Ring Dips 8 10kg
Weighted Ring Dips 8 7.5kg
Weighted Ring Dips 8 5kg
Weighted Ring Dips 8 2.5kg
Dumbbell Bicep Curl 8 13.5kg
Dumbbell Bicep Curl 8 13.5kg
Dumbbell Bicep Curl 10 11kg
Dumbbell Bicep Curl 10 11kg
Weighted Sit Up 12,12 20kg
Dumbbell Side Bend 15 15kg

Its funny what a PR can do for the workout, especially when it’s at the beginning.

Yesterday because I didn’t get the PR I wanted I felt deflated and annoyed for the rest of the workout. But today, hitting the PR got me all buzzed and happy for the rest of my workout.

I know that I shouldn’t let a PR failure or success dictate my workout, especially this early in the year when I know that more PR successes are ahead than failures, well as long as stick to me training and eating plans anyway.

Anyhoo, that’s the heaviest week gone, thank fuck because I’m feeling it today and will do even more tomorrow and Tuesday, which is why I’ve put in rest weeks to this new routine.

By the end of these heaviest weeks I really start to feel my bones and tendons starting to ache in the evenings. My muscles aching I have gotten used to, but the other parts are taking me longer to get accustomed to, I’m sure my body will catch up sooner rather than later but it’s a killer whilst it does.

After a day pruning on the fruit farm or doing other work and then coming home and lifting heavy shit my body really takes a pounding throughout the week, so knowing I have a rest week coming up really helps in keeping me going for the last few days and helps me push on a few more times.

This week I’m really going to keep on the ball with my eating and make sure I’m fully recovered by the end of the week as the next 3 week stint is going to be my heaviest of all time, man I’m excited and yet scared shitless at the same time, I’m going be aching like a bitch by the end of it.

I did another weigh in and measure today and I’m pleasantly surprised by the results after the last 2 weeks.

I weighed in a 75kg and my waist was just below 34.5 inches and my chest was bang on 41 inches.

All which means I have put on 1kg in weight, my chest has shrunk a little and my waist has decreased slightly or stayed the same.

So for me that is great, my chest decreasing is to be expected as I swapped flat benches for inclines at the beginning of the year, so my chest is evening itself out in that it’s widening and flattening around the lower chest area and filling up around my upper chest area.

My waist staying the same or decreasing slightly along with the scale weight gain is the news I was after as it means my eating is bang on and its allowing me to put on muscle mass but not fat, I’m just hoping it keeps on going this way for the rest of the year lol. And as my quads and shoulders look visibly bigger to me I’m sure that’s where the muscle has grown.

Anyhoo, it’s late and I need my recovery sleep.

Until next time…



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