Back Day – 18.02.15 – Deadlift 3 rep PR, Weighted Ring Pull Ups and Barbell Rows

Whoop, another PR this week. This time it was on deadlifts during todays back workout. 152kg for 3 reps is my 3 rep PR by 6.5kg from last week lol, or about 12kg heavier than last year, which is pretty cool, my new routine is obviously paying off, what with my squat PR on Monday too!

But I’m feeling it tonight already, feeling really whacked so off to bed in a minute.

Spent a large chunk of the day pruning apple tree’s yet again on the fruit farm, arms and hands are ok today, and should be for rest of the week as it’s supposed to pour down with rain tomorrow and Friday which means I won’t be out pruning in it much, but we’ll see.

Anyhoo here’s my workout today:

Deadlift 6 82.5kg
Deadlift 6 97.5kg
Deadlift 3 152kg
Deadlift 4 137kg
Deadlift 6 122.5kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 4 10kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 6 7.5kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 8 5kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 9 2.5kg
Barbell Row 6 56.5kg
Barbell Row 8 54kg
Barbell Row 10 51.5kg
Barbell Row 12 49kg
Barbell Curls 8 29kg
Barbell Curls 8 26.5kg
Barbell Curls 10 26.5kg
Barbell Curls 12 24kg
Hanging Straight Leg Raise 10, 10, 10 BW
Side Plank 60, 60 BW


Did straight leg raises instead of bent leg and man they are much harder. And I also added 15 seconds to the 2 sets of side planks, holy shit I was shaking by the end of each set on both sides too.

Phew, 4 workouts in 5 days, knackered tonight, time for bed and 2 days rest before I try for some more 3/4 rep PRs at the weekend on shoulder presses and incline bench press.

Until next time…



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