Shoulders Day – 15.02.15 – Barbell Overhead Press, Dumbbell Side Raises and Dumbbell Shrugs

Oh man todays shoulder workout was tough. As the day went on I could start feeling the DOMS in my chest creeping up on me, and I knew that it would have some effect on my shoulder workout, I just wasnt too sure what.

Well, worst case scenario in that it affected my overhead presses as my shoulders just felt tight for some reason.

I did my normal 2 sets of warm ups, but my shoulders were not feeling warmed up like they normally do. But I went ahead with the heaviest set anyway, and I just locked out the 4th rep, it wasn’t a slow grinding rep, but it was slow enough for me to know that was my limit this week.

That’s not a bad thing at all, but knowing that next week is my heaviest week ever, and I’m going for 2.5kg heavier on the heaviest set, puts a bit of fear into me. But by shoulder day next week I’ll have done 3 workouts at heavier weights than I’ve ever done before, so I should be able to face it lol.

Anyhoo, here’s my workout for today:

Barbell Overhead Press 8 34kg
Barbell Overhead Press 6 39kg
Barbell Overhead Press 4 62.5kg
Barbell Overhead Press 6 56.5kg
Barbell Overhead Press 8 51.5kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 6 12.5kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 8 11kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 10 10kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 14 9kg
Rear Delt Row 6 48.5kg
Rear Delt Row 8 46.5kg
Rear Delt Row 10 44.5kg
Rear Delt Row 12 42.5kg
Upright Row 6 39kg
Upright Row 8 36.5kg
Upright Row 10 34kg
Upright Row 12 31.5kg
Dumbbell Shrug 8 35kg
Dumbbell Shrug 10 32.5kg
Dumbbell Shrug 10 30kg
Dumbbell Shrug 14 30kg

Managed a few extra reps on the last set of side raises and also the shrugs, man my traps were burning though.

Waist measurement was exactly the same as last week at 34.5 inches, but I was 0.2kg lighter at 73.8kg and my chest was 0.25 inches bigger at 41.5 inches this week.

I’ve decided to start taking measurements on a Friday morning, as that is my free day where I generally eat extra foods/junk foods and so this could well affect my measurements for the next few days. So by taking my measurements on a Friday morning they should be more accurate, I think lol.

Spent most of the weekend catching up with business accounting. Which was good as I got it all done, and it’s now up to date. Next weekend will be spent putting together a plan for the future of the business, ready to take to the bank manager in the hope of getting some money out of him!

Also managed to do a little job hunting this weekend too. As normal there isn’t a lot around the area. Even though I’ve extended my search area to include Exeter now, nothing is coming up yet. It’s kind of frustrating as I really want the challenge of a new job, not just the increased money hopefully, oh well, something will come up soon.

Until next time…



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