Shoulders Day – 08.02.15 – Barbell Overhead Press and Shrugs and Measuring Time!

Well, my shoulder strength didn’t suffer from doing my chest workout yesterday, which is good. Glad I swapped them around this week, so will keep it this way round going forward now.

Was going to do the workout before the Manchester United match was on tv, but decided I needed to do some business stuff first, which I should’ve done a few weeks ago, and then do the workout after the footy.

Had to run up and down the stairs a few times to get myself woken up and ready for the workout as I was a little sleepy after doing the business stuff lol. Along with the performance spray from Transdermal Technology it did the job!

Here’s what I did today:

Barbell Overhead Press: 8 x 34kg, 6 x 39kg, 4 x 60kg, 6 x 54kg, 9 x 49kg

Dumbbell Side Raise: 6 x 12.5kg, 8 x 11kg, 10 x 10kg, 12 x 9kg

Rear Delt Row: 6 x 48.5kg, 8 x 46.5kg, 10 x 44.5kg, 12 x 42.5kg

Upright Row: 6 x 39kg, 8 x 36.5kg, 10 x 34kg, 12 x 31.5kg

Dumbbell Shrug: 8 x 35kg, 10 x 32.5kg, 10 x 30kg, 12 x 27.5kg

Everything went as it should, felt good and strong on all the movements, even managed an extra rep on the last set of the overhead press, which was good.

Had my first weigh in since the turn of the year this morning and a measure too, and I’ve put on half a kilo in weight and am now 74kg, but I’ve lost half an inch around my waist (now 34.5 inches) and a quarter of an inch around my chest (now 41.25 inches).

I was hoping to have lost some scale weight and decreased my waist as I put on some extra weight and inches due to the Christmas stuffing (as I expected to) so to have decreased my waist but put on some weight is a nice surprise as it probably means it’s muscle mass.

Having lost a little around my chest is neither here nor there, it could be various different things, and I wasn’t expecting to have increased my chest size during this last month. So the increased weight is probably on my legs and arms, as I’ve been doing more exercises and weight for them so far this year than I did last year.

I only measure my waist and chest measurements as they are the places where I put on/lose fat and muscle the easiest so I use these measurements on a month to month basis.

In the past I have taken a twice yearly measurement of my arms and legs, as they don’t change that much, although last year I didn’t bother taking any arm or leg measurements for some reason. This year though I’m going to take a measurement every couple of months as I’m more focused on growing them than previous years.

I’d expect my waist to either stay the same or possibly increase slightly in the next few months though, as I’ve increased my protein and carb intakes a little this year, simply because I’m trying to increase my muscle mass, although I could of course lost body fat at the same time, which is unlikely but would be nice if it happened!

Until next time…



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