Leg Day – 02.02.15 – Squats, Glute Bridges and Dumbbell Lunges

Today’s leg workout was fanfreakingtastic! Although I did have trouble sleeping last night due to the remnants of a jippy stomach from Saturdays extravagances whilst going to watch Manchester United.

I woke up a few times with a really rumbly stomach and I think I ended up only getting about 5 hrs straight sleep, so I felt quite sluggish all day, and it didn’t help pruning apple tree’s all day on the farm either.

But by the time I got home and got changed into my workout clothing and sprayed a couple of sprays of the performance spray from Transdermal Technology, I felt raring to go.

Here’s what I did today:

​​Barbell Squat: 8 x 75kg, 6 x 87kg, 4 x 121kg, 6 x 109kg, 8 x 98.5kg

Barbell Glute Bridge: 8 x 111​​​​​​.5kg, 10 x 106​.5kg,​ ​10 x 101​.5​kg, 12 x 96​.5​kg

Barbell Good Mornings : 8 x 51​​.5kg, 10 x 46.5kg, 10 x 41.5kg, 12 x 36.5kg

Single Leg Dumbbell Calf Raise: 8 x 21kg, 10 x 18.5kg, 10 x 16kg,12 x 13.5kg

Dumbbell Lunge : 8 x 15kg, 8 x 12.5kg, 8 x 10kg, 8 x 7.5kg

I was a little apprehensive once I started squatting. As I felt that I might have lost a little strength from the deload week, but alas, that was not the case. I definitely had more left in the tank on the heavy set of squats, so I’ve got no problem in upping the weight by 5kg for next weeks workout.
A quick spray of my legs with the recovery spray from Transdermal Technology and all was well.
Looking forward to deadlifts on Wednesday now, bring it on!
Until next time…

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