Deload Week – 01.02.15 – Raring to go Again!

Well that was a quick week, but I’m glad it’s over. Whilst I had not intended on doing no weights at all this week, it turned out that I only did some squats on Monday and then nothing for the rest of this week.

Wednesday as I said on the day, I did nothing as I was cream crackered from working on the farm, but I had intentions of doing some bodyweight stuff on Saturday and something today too.

But after spending most of the day on Saturday being at and around Old Trafford after going to see Manchester United play, I ended up going for a great meal in the evening and then was too full of food to do anything remotely resembling exercise.

Then today I spent most of it travelling back from Manchester and also recovering from a really bad migraine/headache, which I can only attribute to the food I ate yesterday.

So it turned out to be more of a deload week than I planned, but then thats probably a good thing as I’m now raring to go again and I don’t have any aches, unlike the end of last week.

I’ve been taking my supplements all week. Well until Friday evening anyway, and I definitely feel like I’ve been sleeping more deeply after taking the ZMA before bed. Although I’ve never really had any issues getting to sleep at night due to being so active, I do think the ZMA has made me sleep more deeply.

Anyhoo, it’s back to weight lifting tomorrow with a bang as it’s leg day, and I’ll be squatting the same weight I did last week, so fingers crossed I’ve not lost any strength this week and can manage the full reps I’ve set myself.

Until next time…



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