Deload Day 2 – 28.01.15 – Farm work and it’s time for some supplements again.

So today I had planned on deload day 2 being just deadlifts at about 70% of my normal weights, however, I didn’t count on being cream crackered from working on the farm all day, so I gave them a miss!

Even though I knew that normally after a day like today on the farm, I’d do a full on back workout, this week being deload week I realised that the work I did on the farm during the day would be more than enough to keep me ticking over.

I’ve also had to keep reminding myself that by the end of the week I’ll be more thankful of taking a step back than continuing the heavy lifting, and in fact despite being pooped by the time I got home from the farm, I’m actually feeling alright now after a nice hot shower and some food.

Anyhoo, this week I’ve decided that it’s time to start taking my supplements again.

Last year I did a lot of research into various supplements that would enhance my training and would also help my recovery. Seeing as though I’m so active during the day I found that I just couldn’t recover well enough between workouts.

So I started taking a creatine/beta-alanine combination and also some taurine and after about a month of taking them I started to notice improvements in my workouts (strength and endurance) not to mention whilst working on the farm, but most importantly I noticed that I was recovering better between workouts, plus I wasn’t feeling so tired in the evenings.

I know it wasn’t much to do with me getting used to my workouts, as I am always adding a few kg’s or doing extra reps and I’m normally aching somewhere on my body from the lifting, but when I was taking these supplements regularly those aches were far less.

The reason I stopped taking them was because I thought I could continue on without them, nothing more complicated than that. But the last few months of last year, and the first 3 weeks of this year have reminded me that I do need some help from supplements if I want to continue improving my strength and more importantly put some more size on my frame.

So I’ve started taking them again, but this time I’m also now taking a ZMA supplement, as I read up a lot on it over Christmas and was going to start at the beginning of the year, but I wanted to get some workouts under my belt and see if I really did need help recovering etc, and like I said, this last 3 weeks has confirmed this.

So along with a creatine/beta-alanine mix and some taurine, I’ll now be taking some ZMA too.

I’m hoping that I’ll notice the difference within a few weeks, although I did start taking them all again on Monday, I didn’t think they would take effect that quickly, but I’m sure that I felt like I had more energy today whilst working on the farm, or should I say more endurance. But it was probably just in my head and I’m probably just getting back to the fitness levels I was at around October last year before I got ill, moved house and got ill again lol.

Anyway, I’ll write more about the supplements in future posts, e.g when I take them etc. but for now that’s me done for the night, I’m off to read a book (currently reading Gary Neville’s autobiography) and then get my 8 hours of beauty sleep!

Until next time…



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