Deload Leg Day – 26.01.15 – Barbell Squats

Oh man am I glad it’s deload week this week. I am so whacked today from my weekend workouts, shoulders and chest both whacked me no end.

Spending the day pruning apple trees on the farm didn’t help my recovery today. I could feel every muscle in my shoulders and chest whenever I was using the hand saw or secateurs.

Never mind. As I said, it’s deload week this week. And not only did I decide to drop the weights by 30%, but I also decided to only do the main lift on each workout.

So today that meant just squats.

Which felt kind of weird really, as yes I was tired for the first 2 sets, but once I had actually finished all 5 sets, I felt pretty good and ready to do more leg work.

But I knew that once the adrenaline had worn off that I’d start to feel tired again, and low and behold here I am writing this an hour later and I am feeling tired again lol.

Oh well, hopefully by going lighter all week, and doing far less work I’ll be nice and recovered by the end of this week.

Only time will tell.

Here’s the lightweight workout I did tonight:

Barbell Squat: 52.5 kg x 8, 62.5 kg x 8, 85 kg x 6, 77.5 kg x 8, 70 kg x 8.

Adrenaline definitely kicked in by the end, which made me feel great. But I stuck to my plan and stopped there, and now like I said, an hour or so later and I’m knackered again.

Until next time…



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