Into week 13 and the beard is taking a good shape

Well it’s been 13 weeks since I started growing my beard. And it’s finally getting into a shape that resembles a proper beard, although it’s not the shape I want it yet, it still has that beard look.

13 Week Old Beard

I’ve got to say that beard oil I bought is great, so thanks to Percy Nobleman for that, it has definitely helped in stopping the dry skin underneath my beard.

I also use beard shampoo on it once a week too.

Seeing as though I work outdoors all day, 5 days a week, my beard gets quite a battering from the elements and from my work, so a daily hot shower and rubbing beard oil into it is essential in keeping it manageable and looking good.

And then at the end of each work week I have my usual hot shower and I also lather in some beard shampoo and really spoil it.

It’s amazing how different my beard feels from when I get home from work on a Friday to when I get out of the shower.

And although I wasn’t convinced on the need to oil my beard on a daily basis, if I go more than a day without oiling it, I find that I start to get dry skin underneath it.

And I most definitely wash it every day too as even one day of not washing it and it starts to get itchy as hell, in fact sometimes if for some reason I have been touching it more than normal (half the reason to have a beard is to stroke it!) I find it gets itchy before the day is out, so a good daily hot wash is essential as well.

Anyhoo, that’s my 13 week beard check in.

Until next time…



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