Shoulders Day – 24.01.15 – Barbell Overhead Press, Side Raises and Shrugs

Another Saturday, another shoulders workout. I’m really glad I moved my workouts around so that I did my less taxing workouts at the weekend.

Fridays are my free day as I’ve said before, and I generally feel a little lethargic and sluggish at the weekends, so by moving my most taxing workouts (legs and back) to the week it helps me at the weekends, and ensures that even though I’m not feeling 100% I can still have a great workout.

And todays shoulder workout was great, here’s what I did:

Barbell Overhead Press: 8 x 34kg, 6 x 39kg, 4 x 59kg, 6 x 54kg, 8 x 49kg

Dumbbell Side Raise: 6 x 12.5kg, 8 x 11kg, 10 x 10kg, 12 x 9kg

Rear Delt Row: 6 x 48.5kg, 8 x 46.5kg, 10 x 44.5kg, 12 x 41.5kg

Upright Row: 6 x 39kg, 8 x 36.5kg, 10 x 34kg, 12 x 31.5kg

Dumbbell Shrug: 8 x 35kg, 10 x 32.5kg, 10 x 30kg, 12 x 27.5kg

I just got the 4th rep on the heaviest OHP, and just got the last rep on the last 2 sets, but that’s all good, next week is deload week, so we’ll see what my strength levels are like the week after next.

My arms and hands are not as achey as I thought they would be after a week of pruning apple trees on the farm, although I do have a strange twinge in the join of my right arm, it’s nothing that has stopped me lifting any weights, so it’s all good.

Right I’m off to watch match of the day, it’s been one hell of a day of fa cup football!

Until next time…



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