Chest Day – 18.01.15 – Incline Barbell Bench Press, Dumbbell Flyes and Weighted Ring Dips

Felt pretty good today after a good nights sleep, funny that! Spent most of the day thinking about my workout. Really wanted to do it in the morning, but I’m always weaker in the mornings so I put it off until the afternoon.

Should’ve eaten more today, but not being that active I just wasn’t hungry, but I shoved some chicken down my neck along with my protein shake and dinner to ensure my protein levels were at least where they should be.

Here’s todays workout:

Incline Barbell Bench Press: 8 x 51.5kg, 6 x 56.5kg, 4 x 79.5kg, 6 x 71.5kg, 8 x 64.5kg

Dumbbell Flye: 6 x 20kg, 8 x 17.5kg, 10 x 15kg, 10 x 12.5kg

Weighted Ring Dips: 6 x 10kg , 6 x 7.5kg, 7 x 5kg, 7 x 2.5kg

Dumbbell Bicep Curl: 6 x 11kg, 8 x 10kg, 10 x 9kg, 14 x 8kg

Weighted Sit Up: 15 x 15kg, 15 x 15kg

Dumbbell Side Bend: 15 x 15kg

Really liking the incline bench presses, feeling much stronger on them even after only just 2 workouts. I decided to swap the flat bench for these at the end of last year but never got to try them out due to being ill/moving home/being ill again. Hopefully they’ll enable me to build some muscle in my upper chest to even out my chest development.

Dumbbell Flyes burned the middle of my chest as always and by the time I had finished the weighted ring dips, oh man my chest was smoked.

Biceps felt a bit stronger this week, I added a few extra reps on the last set to really finish them off, oh man they burned lol.

I changed the sit ups by adding some weight and combining the 3 sets into 2. Wish I hadn’t as my abs were burning on the 2nd set. Side bends were a killer, although not that heavy by the time I get to the last few reps my sides are weak as hell.

Aaah, 2nd week done and dusted, one more week and then I’m going to reduce the weights by about 25% for the deload week, which will be strange as I’ve never done a deload week, but after spending most of Christmas reading about them, I’m convinced going hard for too long has been the reason for my tiredness, last year I’d normally take a break after 6 weeks, so we’ll see how it goes.

Until next time…



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