No thing Day – 15.01.15 – Pruning in the rain and the beard continues.

Well, I’m glad today is no workout day, and tomorrow in fact. I’ve been feeling pretty whacked most of today whilst pruning apple trees on the farm.

Not to mention the fact that it was pretty bloody stormy today too, rain and hail a few times, made it interesting and tiring to be working out in!

Everything was an effort today, my hamstrings and glutes were aching walking around the farm, my chest and upper back were aching from the sawing, and then by the end of the day I was just cream crackered. Ah well, I’ll sleep well tonight that’s for sure.

Glad tomorrow is another no workout day, but more importantly it’s junk food and rum day!! Think I might get a litre tub of vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce and indulge at some point tomorrow, mmmmm om nom nom.

And yet another week goes by with the beard. Which is 11 weeks old today, wooo! By far the longest time I’ve ever had a beard, which isn’t hard as the last time was only 6 weeks I think pmsl.

Bearded WeeMan

Its actually starting to resemble a proper beard now, which is good, I tend to it daily with beard oil, and shampoo it once a week. Which it needs due to all the bashing it gets working outdoors.

I just want to fast forward a few more months now, so I can see what kind of shape it’s going to take!

Anyhoo, bedtime the beard needs some sleep.

Until next time…



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