Back Day – 07-01-2015 – Deadlifts, Weighted Ring Pull Ups and Barbell Rows

Oh man my glutes and hamstrings were aching so much on the farm today, when I first got into work I really thought I wouldn’t make it to lunch time, let alone the end of the day, but once I got warmed up it eased enough to at least walk properly, kind of lol.

Got home from work and really didn’t think I’d be able to do any deadlifts, but I thought fuck it, I’ll just man up and cope with the DOMS in my butt and hammies.

To be fair once I finished the first set, I actually felt alright, and by the end of the 5th set they had both pretty much stopped aching, which was good as I got on with the rest of the workout pretty smoothly, and it seemed quite quick today, which is possibly due to it being a little lighter, so I wasn’t straining too much.

Although I did have some real burn in my abs and obliques when I did the hanging raises, as I’ve not done them for months, but this year I want to make sure I do some every other workout, consistently.

Also I switched my plain wide pull ups for ring pull ups, as I got a little bored with them last year, and I really do like ring pull ups, and weight especially too.

Anyhoo, here



Deadlift 6 81.5kg
Deadlift 6 91.5kg
Deadlift 2 126.5kg
Deadlift 4 114kg
Deadlift 4 104kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 2 10kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 4 7.5kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 6 5kg
Weighted Ring Pull Up 6 2.5kg
Barbell Row 6 50kg
Barbell Row 8 45kg
Barbell Row 10 40kg
Barbell Row 12 35kg
Barbell Curls 6 26.5kg
Barbell Curls 8 24kg
Barbell Curls 8 21.5kg
Barbell Curls 10 19kg
Hanging Straight Leg Raise 8 – 8 BW
Side Plank 30 secs BW

As always I’ve logged my food on MyFitnessPal here

Until next time…



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