2014 was kind of a good year, but 2015 will be better!

Well that was a strange year. Until October I had been making great progress with all my weight lifting. My squats, deadlift and overhead press had all gotten better, I was lifting more weight for more reps than I ever have before.

I had deliberately decided to not test my 1 rep max this year as I just wanted to focus on get stronger for 2+ reps on everything, and I managed to do that by October, but then I wanted to push on for the last few months of the year and really see if I had gotten stronger compared to last year, but then that’s when it all went wrong.

I got a stomach bug at the beginning of October. Which wiped me out completely for nearly 2 weeks, then it took me a couple of weeks to feel like I had got my strength back, by which time I was moving house, so that took another few weeks away from me, and then just as I thought I’d get in a good 2 weeks before the Christmas break I got a bloody full on cold, which I’ve just about got rid of now sat here on Boxing Day writing this.

I’ve tried to do a bit of bodyweight stuff the last few days, and will do so this weekend to and then I’ll get in 2 or 3 workouts next week, with the aim of getting back onto my routine from the 5th Jan.

Regardless of not doing much lifting the last 2 months or so, I’m still taking pretty much the whole festive period off, so that I can really enjoy the good food and drink, and also really plan what I want to do for the first 3 months next year.

So aside from my fitness, the business is still going, which is a good thing. Although we’ve not really been able to build it at all, yes we’ve had more sales this year, but with having to fund the business with our low wages from our day job, and the banks not wanting to lend any money to us, it’s just remained as it is really, but at least we’re still going, we’re hoping to change day jobs in 2015 and then we can hopefully build the business up.

Looking back at 2014 I’ve got to say it was a pretty good year despite the lack lustre end to it for me, but I’ve learnt things that I can and can’t do, done a few things I’ve never done before and best of all I’m now 2 months into growing a proper beard, and got myself some proper job beard combs and oil pmsl.

Until next time…



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