Shoulder workout 10.11.14 – back on it baby!

Damn today’s shoulder workout felt good! Only my 3rd workout in total for the last month, man I’ve not taken that much time off lifting this year, and probably even the last 2-3 years.

Whilst the first 2 weeks were due to illness, the last few weeks have just been down to laziness, which is very unlike me. And I’d like to point out that compared to other people, my laziness is NOTHING like there’s.

I’ve had to deal with organising a house move, looking for a new job and trying to increase sales for the business, it’s been a bit hectic to say the least, and I’ve just not been my usual super organised and motivated self and got on and lifted some weights.

Anyhoo, back on it now, got my plan from now until Christmas, as I always take a full break from working out over the Christmas period, although this year I am going to be doing bodyweight stuff, just to keep my condition up to scratch lol.

Today was shoulders as I said above, and here’s what I did…

Barbell Overhead Press 8 x 36.5kg, 8 x 41.5kg, 3 x 61.5kg, 6 x 55kg, 6 x 50kg

Dumbbell Side Raise 6 x 12.5kg, 8 x 11kg, 10 x 10kg, 12 x 9kg

Rear Delt Row 6 x 47.5kg, 8 x 45kg, 10 x 42.5kg, 12 x 40kg

Upright Row 6 x 39kg, 8 x 36.5kg, 10 x 34kg, 12 x 31.5kg

Dumbbell Shrug 6 x 37.5kg, 8 x 35kg, 8 x 32.5kg, 10 x 30kg

Overall not lost any strength over the last month, in fact I felt stronger, my 3 reps on OHP at 61.5kg is a PR, so that’s pretty sweet! All the rest were as expected, felt pretty whacked on the last set of everything, especially the shrugs, I barely got my shoulders up to my ears on the last few reps of the last set pmsl.

Hey ho, it is what it is.

As always I logged my workout on Fitocracy

Bring on leg day and some squats on Wednesday!

Until next time…



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