Into beard week 3 and it itches like f***!!

Oh man I forgot about the itch, the constant, irritating itch of week 3 into the beard growth.

It’s day 16 today and the itch has really kicked in, so much so that I’ve taken to putting some lavender and tea tree into some melted coconut oil to see if that helps the itch, and so far it’s a big NO. So I’ve gone and ordered some proper beard oil, and researched some tips to try and minimise the itch.

I went with the beard oil from Percy Nobleman as it had some great reviews, fingers crossed it comes quick as I’m going mad.

I’ve had a nice hot shower, and washed the beard with some shampoo, then once I was dry I massaged in some of my coconut oil, lavender, tea tree mix and had hoped that would help. But nope within an hour the itch was back, and sat here writing this is sooooooo annoying, my face is on fire!

I’ve got to go to work tomorrow, and they’ll be the wrath of god for anyone who even remotely comes close to touching my face whilst it itches like this, in fact world war 3 could be started if they do!!

Until next time…



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