Time off exercising is great, but…

It’s been a while since I last posted, as always. This time though I’ve been ill, and only lifted weights twice in the last 3-4 weeks, although I did OHP and Squat a PR both times. I have only been able to do some bodyweight stuff, pistol squats, push ups, handstand presses etc, nothing major though.

I’m not sure what I got, but it was a real bad stomach bug, that got rid of my hunger, gave me the squits and just generally made me feel really weak, for about 7-10 days, and its taken me another couple of weeks to feel that I can lift weights again.

Oh well, it’s gone, and I’m raring to go, starting tomorrow I’m back on it, and i’ll be doing a chest workout. Decided to stop doing flat bench presses and change to incline instead, and then finish with flat dumbbell flyes, I think my shoulder is properly knackered from when I work in Denmark harvesting Christmas tree’s for a season, it tends to get a little weird if I work it at funny angles, and I think the flat bench has been aggravating it, so I’m changing in case I do any proper damage.

So whats new, ummm, well I’m growing a beard again lol. This time I’m going for a yeard. A year long beard, I’ll trim it a little to keep it from getting too messy, but otherwise the plan is to not shave for a whole year.

I managed 3 months last year pmsl, so we’ll see how it goes this time. It seems that once the temperature warms up, I buckle under the sweaty itchy pressure. My hope this time though, is that by the time it starts getting warmer again in April, I’ll be well on my way to being a buff bearded weeman, and I’ll be beyond the itchyness lol.

Anyhoo, exciting times at home and with my day job, but more on that once things have sorted themselves out, but it’s all change, which has been needed, it’s time I moved forwards again.

The business is still going, just, but it’s still going, we’ve stabilised from our lull in Spring, and things are on the up again, although we can’t put any more funds into it at the moment because of the changes we’re making at home, it’s going along nicely all by itself which is good.

Aaaaand that’s that, nice and in depth diary entry.

Until next time…



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