Fit, strong, healthy and happy, but fuck I need some money.

Yet again its been a few months since I last wrote anything on the blog, so here I am, with something witty to say, not.

Work on the farm has been the same as always, although more enjoyable than normal as this summer has been fucking amazing. I just love working in shorts and a vest, sweat pouring down my back and my muscles aching from carrying things all day, it’s been great.

My fitness has been going great, I’m starting to see some width in my shoulders, and thickness in my thighs, which means my shoulder and leg workouts are working, but I still fucking hate squats and overhead presses, they fuck me up the next day no end on the farm lol.

As always I’m not that bothered about getting my abs out, my waist has gone down half an inch in the last 2 months, and I’ve managed to get my weight up to 72kg whilst doing that, so that’s cool, but getting abs isn’t my aim as I love my rum and chocolate too much.

I don’t bother with this shit of eating chicken and broccoli and no sauces all the time, it’s bacon, sausages, fish and sometimes chicken along with sauces and fat too. And even then I just to eat enough to keep getting stronger and not fat, I do monitor my eating.

I think with the continual muscle growth I’m seeing I should lean out anyway within the next 6 months or so, but with me having a rum and chocolate fetish it’s not top of my list, as long as I stay injury free and stay healthy and strong, then it’s all good.

The business is plodding along as normal. Having a low paid job doesn’t help, which means no funding to push it forward, and although I’ve been looking for a new job for nearly 2 months now, there still hasn’t been anything that is worthwhile leaving my current job for.

Even if the pay has been higher. I’m not one for working somewhere that is shite but the pay is good, I have to like my job to stay alive internally, otherwise I’d end up a zombie like so many other people, and that ent gunna happen cos no one likes a strong zombie midget!

Anyhoo, it was leg day today, and I’ve just rubbed some recovery spray onto my legs and it’s nearly time for bed cos I’m fucked.

Here’s today’s leg workout

Barbell Squat – 10 x 80kg, 8 x 90kg, 6 x 100kg, 6 x 110kg, 4 x 120kg

Barbell Good Mornings – 12 x 37.5kg, 10 x 42.5kg, 8 x 47.5kg, 8 x 52.5kg

Dumbbell Calf Raise – 12 x 12.5kg, 12 x 15kg, 12 x 17.5kg, 12 x 20kg

Barbell Glute Bridge – 12 x 79kg, 12 x 89kg, 12 x 99kg, 12 x 109kg

Dumbbell Lunge – 12 x 6kg, 10 x 8.5kg, 8 x 11kg, 8 x 13.5kg

All of which I’m pretty chuffed with, was well and truly fecked after just the squats, but I took a good 4 min break and then got on with the rest of the workout.

Man I love that feeling when you’ve finished lifting. I was fucked but buzzing at the same time, and my legs just felt thick and tired but pumped lol.

Right’o that’s me done.

Until next time…



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