Well that was a fun break…

It wasn’t my intention to not write anything for such a long time again, but I’ve just not felt the need to write anything down for a while.

I’ve been lifting regularly (until the last 2 weeks that is) and i’ve been eating and sleeping well, and really enjoying the great weather we’ve been having here in the UK, especially at work, which has made it even more tougher looking for another job, as my current job is so great in this kind of weather.

I’ve made my peace with letting our business trundle along as it is, as we just can’t do anything with it until we get new jobs and can put some more cash into it.

I have tweaked my lifting routine a little as I want to bring up a couple of body parts, and I’ve also tweaked my eating as well, which was basically cutting out a bit of fat as I was eating too much and wondering why my waist was getting smaller lol.

It’s worked as I’ve manage to knock of half an inch from my waist, whilst keeping my other measurements the same, as well as my strength levels so that’s all good, in fact I think my strength and health levels have got slightly better.

After splitting up my workouts and moving the main upper body workouts to the weekends, I have felt much better on the farm. And also doing 3 of my 4 workouts from Sat-Mon has meant I’ve been a little tired by Friday, it has also meant I’m ok for the majority of the week at work which was the intended idea.

So now it’s time to really step up the job search as we really want to be out of Somerset by the end of the year at the latest. We’ve been a little specific in the jobs we’ve applied for up until recently, and we’ve now decided that we have to open up the type of jobs we’re applying for so that we’re not still looking for new jobs by the end of the year lol.

Right, that’s enough of that, tired from thinking this much on my week off lol. Think it’s Pimms O’Clock whilst watching the tennis!!

Until next time…




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