A few weeks off to have a good think.

So, it’s been a few weeks since I did a proper workout, not because I’ve been injured, but because I wasn’t really happy with what I was doing, and it made me really tired working on the farm, so I decided to go looking for something else. Oh and get a new piece of equipment so I can get proper serious lol.

I’ve never been one to do an actual routine that someone has put together. I’ve always stuck with the compound movements at the beginning of each workout and then done some assistance work afterwards (as can be seen from all the workouts I’ve logged on here) but due to my day job on the farm I’m always tired and I fucking hate it.

I eat right, I sleep well and I do everything else I need to be fit and healthy, but I’m always tired at work an especially when I get home in the evenings which hasn’t been great going into my workouts.

It really got to me about 2 weeks ago. Admittedly I did have a bad cold too, which for once meant I had to take some time off work (probably the first time in years).

Whilst I was off ill I looked at my routines and the weights I was lifting 6 months ago as well as the size and weight I was then and now, and nothing was really that different.

Well, ok, yes I’m about 2kg’s heavier and about half an inch bigger on my chest and legs, but I seem to feel more tired lately and I’ve had enough, so I thought it was about time to find a routine and also look at getting a proper piece of equipment for my home gym.

I decided against going for a new routine and instead have tweaked my own. I’ve also split up the workouts so I do them across 4 days rather than 3, and 2 of them will be at weekends when I’m not working on the farm, with the theory being I won’t be so tired when it comes to do them.

I also decided that my little squat rack isn’t doing me any good. It’s not secure enough, and has no lower catch bars so I can’t try any 1-3 rep maxes without the help of my partner, which has been annoying in the past as she can obviously only help with so much weight, and then it becomes dangerous for her as well as me, so I’ve never really regularly squatted more than 125kg’s.

Although my max is 134kg from last Sep, I’m reluctant to try any heavier as I know if I get stuck in the hole, she can’t  help me out as she’s struggled with 125kg before.

So I decided to find a new squat rack and then I decided to go the whole hog and get an all in one rack that I can do chin ups, lat pull downs, bench press etc on, and it’s obviously got movable safety bars.

Just got to arrange for delivery when we get back from our little trip to Malta now!

It’s kind of been nice not feeling tired at the farm for the last few weeks, and although I’ve done a number of high rep bodyweight workouts, they don’t tax me enough anymore, well, not enough to feel overly tired the next day anyway, but I have missed working out with heavy weights, and have almost felt envious when ready other people’s workouts on the interweb lol.

Hey ho, it’s been a nice few weeks, just one and a half more weeks and I can start my new routine, wahoo!


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