Sundays Workout 23.03.14 – Barbell Shoulder Press and Weighted Chin Ups

For fook sake, woke up this morning with a sore throat and thick nose an head, feels like I might be getting that cold from a few weeks back again, ah well, not going to stop me, just need to make sure I get a good nights sleep, stick with the good food an I’ll be right.

Had to cut todays workout short, as I smashed a mirror in the weights room lol. I don’t normally have a mirror in the room but today I wanted to make sure my back form was right for the rear shoulder rows, and I stupidly put the mirror to close to me, and when I was raising the bar for the rows I knocked it and it smashed onto some weights on the floor.

So I finished the rows and then did the upright rows and cut the workout short, missing out my glute bridges and lunges, as I had swapped them from my leg day as I found I was just too sore for too many days afterwards, hey ho, I’ll know for next time not to put the mirror so close pmsl.

Anyway, here’s what I did do today…

  Barbell Overhead Press   10 37 1
1 Barbell Overhead Press   6 57 1.5
  Barbell Overhead Press   6 53.5 1.5
  Barbell Overhead Press   7 50 1.5
  Barbell Overhead Press   7 46.5 3
2 Chin Up   10 2.50 1.5
  Chin Up   6 7.50 1.5
  Chin Up   8 6.00 1.5
  Chin Up   7 4.50 3
3 Rear Delt Row   12 29 1.5
  Rear Delt Row   10 34 1.5
  Rear Delt Row   8 39 2
4 Upright Row   12 22.5 1.5
  Upright Row   10 27.5 1.5
  Upright Row   8 32.5 2

Wanted to hit 8 reps on both the last 2 sets but didn’t quite have it in me, although I could’ve probably squeezed them out, it would’ve been very shit form, my back would’ve been bending all over the place, so I didn’t.

Missed the 8th rep on the last set of weighted chins too for some reason, arms just felt weak on the last set, got to the 7th and got stuck about an inch from the top and really had to squeeze to get over, so I stopped at that.

Rear rows and upright rows were good as always, will keep the weight the same for next week, as OHP and chins really take it out of my arms.

Phewee, got a busy week or two ahead. Dena and I confirmed with each other that we want to move back to our old town, we miss it and the jobs down here are just nowhere near as well paid as up there. So we’re starting the job hunt officially next week, got to get registered on various job sites etc.

Then we’ve got to book a hire car for our short break away in Malta next month, and we’ve also got to find some nice tasting protein bars to take with us as I’m pretty sure they won’t have any out there lol. Although I will be taking my hand blender and protein powder with me in my main luggage, can’t go without protein!!

Got to look at our lekky an gas contracts on the flat as they are up for renewal next month, oh and I’ve also got to do the businesses VAT for the last 6 weeks as I’ve let it build up stupidly. Normally I do it every 2 weeks, but I’ve been lazy!

Oh and I’ve got to study my PT course each evening for an hour too, and find time after that to make some changes to some products on our website!!

So yeah, it’s going to be a busy few weeks lol, ah well, it’ll soon come and go an then we’ll be off to some nice warm weather in Malta for a few days, whoop!

Until next time…



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