Thursdays Workout 20.03.14 – Barbell Squats and Weighted Ring Push Ups

Oooof, suits u sir! Todays workout was another killer. These higher rep medium/heavy weight squats are killing me, todays top weight was 85% of last years 1 rep max and boy did I feel them.

Although I only did one set of them, and they actually felt pretty good, the sets thereafter really whacked my legs, by the last set my quads were burning, but in a strangely nice sadistic way lol.

Anyhoo, here’s the workout I did tonight after another day of daffodil picking and farmers market de-erecting…

Exercise Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
Barbell Squat 12 71.5 1.5
1 Barbell Squat 6 113.5 2
Barbell Squat 8 106.5 2.5
Barbell Squat 10 101.5 2.5
Barbell Squat 10 96.5 5
2 Ring Push Up 10 10.00 1.5
Ring Push Up 6 36.50 2
Ring Push Up 6 33.00 2
Ring Push Up 8 28.5 2
Ring Push Up 8 23 4
3 Barbell Good Mornings 12 31.5 1.5
Barbell Good Mornings 8 46.5 1.5
Barbell Good Mornings 10 41.5 1.5
Barbell Good Mornings 12 36.5 3
4 Ring Flyes 12 1 1.5
Ring Flyes 8 7.5 1.5
Ring Flyes 10 5 1.5
Ring Flyes 12 2.5 3
5 Dumbbell Calf Raise 10 15 1.5
Dumbbell Calf Raise 10 17.5 1.5
Dumbbell Calf Raise 10 20 2
6 Dumbbell Side Raise 10 10 1.5
Dumbbell Side Raise 10 7.5 1.5
Dumbbell Side Raise 12 5 0

I decided to swap the dumbbell lunges with the calf and side raises, and my legs definitely felt better for it by the end of the workout, just have to see if my hammies feel any better tomorrow and Friday.

Looking forward to this Sundays weigh in and measurements. Although I don’t feel any bigger, I’m sure I must have put on some muscle in the last few weeks, if only a single pound lol. Fingers crossed though that my waist hasn’t increased, otherwise it means another look over my eating to see what can be tweaked.

I certainly feel stronger, which is always good, and my legs and shoulders do look bigger in the mirror, but hey ho, we’ll see come Sunday morning.

Until next time…



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