Tuesdays Workout 18.03.14 – Deadlifts and Wide Grip Pull Ups

Phewee, what a few days it’s been. I’m knackered sat here tonight. Today on the farm it was picking daffodils first thing, then planting some small gooseberry plants, meant that by lunch time my hamstrings and back were aching like fuckery. Then I had to unload a market van of stall metal work, and then reload 2 vans with market stuff to sell tomorrow.

Friday I felt whacked from Thursday leg workout, but also I felt like I had last weeks cold back again, just midler, bunged up nose and thick head. So I skipped the weekends workout and felt ok enough this morning to think I could do a workout this evening.

After the day on the farm I was knackered before I’d even started my workout today, but I chucked some beta-alanine and creatine down my neck and went for it anyway, this is what I did today…

Exercise Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
1 Deadlift 6 89.5 1
Deadlift 6 99.5 1.5
Deadlift 6 109.5 1.75
Deadlift 4 119.5 1.75
Deadlift 4 129.5 1.75
Deadlift 4 139.5 4
2 Weighted Wide Pull Up 8 BW 1.5
Weighted Wide Pull Up 8 BW 1.5
Weighted Wide Pull Up 7 BW 1.5
Weighted Wide Pull Up 7 BW 3
3 Barbell Row 10 39 1.5
Barbell Row 6 54 1.5
Barbell Row 8 49 1.5
Barbell Row 12 44 3
4 Weighted Ring Dips 10 2.5 1.5
Weighted Ring Dips 6 7.5 1.5
Weighted Ring Dips 8 5 1.5
Weighted Ring Dips 8 3.5 3
5 Barbell Curls 12 16.5 1.5
Barbell Curls 8 26.5 1.5
Barbell Curls 10 24 1.5
Barbell Curls 14 21.5 0

I’ve added in an extra set on the deadlifts, more of warm up set really than anything. Then this week I also upped the weight across all sets, and todays last set is my 4 rep max pr, whoop!

I’ve decided to go back to just bodyweight on the wide grip pull ups, as I felt the weighted version was whacking my arms and back too much, so I’ll stick with those for now, and the aim being to get to 4 sets of 10 reps and then I’ll go back to the weighted version.

Barbell rows were good, upped the weight a little and still felt in control and stable with them, so one more week at this weight and I’ll go up a little again.

Dips and curls were good, nice and tough, and last few reps on the last set of both felt like I reached my max just before failure, so that’s good. I’m so weak at barbell curls lol, I’ve never been a fan of them hence why, but I want to put a bit of size on them, and along with my weighted chin ups I think after a few months this should do the trick.

Right I’m off to bed early tonight, need a little extra recovery after todays farm work lol.

Until next time…



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