Thursdays Workout 06.03.14 – Barbell Squats, Weighted Ring Push Ups and 5kg of Protein!

Oh man I’m fecked this evening, picking daffodils on the farm and todays leg and chest workout has nearly killed me. I don’t think I’ve been as cream cracked after a days work and workout in the last few years, its really whacked me for six.

Anyhoo, here’s what I did today…

Exercise Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
Barbell Squat 12 66.5 1.5
1 Barbell Squat 8 106.5 2
Barbell Squat 8 101.5 2.5
Barbell Squat 10 96.5 2.5
Barbell Squat 10 86.5 5
2 Ring Push Up 10 5.00 1.5
Ring Push Up 6 34.50 2
Ring Push Up 6 30.50 2
Ring Push Up 8 25.5 2
Ring Push Up 8 20.5 4
3 Barbell Good Mornings 12 31.5 1.5
Barbell Good Mornings 8 46.5 1.5
Barbell Good Mornings 8 41.5 1.5
Barbell Good Mornings 10 36.5 3
4 Ring Flyes 12 1 1.5
Ring Flyes 8 7.5 1.5
Ring Flyes 8 5 1.5
Ring Flyes 10 2.5 3
5 Dumbbell Lunge 12 10 1.5
Dumbbell Lunge 6 17.5 1.5
Dumbbell Lunge 8 15 1.5
Dumbbell Lunge 10 12.5 0

I haven’t gone above 10 reps on 66.5kg before, nor above 6 reps on 106.5kg or 101.5kg, so by the end of those 3 sets my legs were feeling it, but then came the two sets of 10 reps, holy shit! The last few reps on the last set my legs were buuuurning, and my heart was triple beating it was pumping that hard and fast I swear.

I had to rest a bit longer than normal between each set, and for a full 5 minutes once I had finished them, my heart was pumping so fast for what seemed like ages.

The ring push ups were pretty good, although my arms were burning by the end of the last set, it didn’t feeling any less difficult doing the heaviest set 2nd an going lighter as each set went by, than it does leaving the heaviest set till last, hey ho, I’ll keep it this way for this 6-7 week stint.

The barbell good mornings are always a nice breather, I don’t go too heavy on them as I want to get a nice stretch in my hammies, but next week I’ll add a little more weight to them as they weren’t taxing enough today.

The ring flyes always nearly kill my chest anyway, and changing the heaviest set to 2nd didn’t make any difference, in fact the burn on the last few reps of the last set seemed worse than trying to eek out the last few reps of a heavy weight.

And last but not least, the fucking dumbbell lunges, I swear blind that I really thought my legs were going to fall off and my heart was going to come out of my chest by the time I finished them. I was really that fucked, once I put the weights away, I just sat on the floor for 5 minutes thinking to myself, why of fucking why did I just do that to myself lol.

But the sadist in me just went ‘meh, I’ll add 1kg to all the sets next week’ … fucker!

I was so happy to see my protein shake at the end of todays workout, and it was filled with a new protein I’ve treated myself to, a whole mahoosive 5kg bag of it too….



Decided to double the size I normally get, seeing as though I’m putting it in my homemade flapjacks and my partner is now having a little more in her shake too, this should last us a few months I reckon, or at least that’s the plan, as long as I don’t eat it all in my angel delight treat pudding lol.

Ahhhh, that’s it for a few days now, tomorrow’s junk food and rest day, and Saturday is recovery and plan for next week day, can’t wait for the chocolate and rum n coke tomorrow!

Until next time…




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