Tuesdays Workout 04.03.14 – Deadlifts and Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups

Pheweee, I was knackered even before I started my workout today, having been pruning all day on the farm, and then loading two vans with farmers market stuff mostly by myself.

Anyhoo, got home and chucked down my pre-workout stack of creatine and beta-alanine in some OJ, got changed and I was as raring to go as it gets, and this is what I did today…

Exercise Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
1 Deadlift 6 91.5 1
Deadlift 6 101.5 1.5
Deadlift 6 111.5 1.75
Deadlift 4 121.5 1.75
Deadlift 4 131.5 4
2 Weighted Wide Pull Up 8 2 1.5
Weighted Wide Pull Up 6 5 1.5
Weighted Wide Pull Up 6 4 1.5
Weighted Wide Pull Up 8 3 3
3 Barbell Row 10 37.5 1.5
Barbell Row 6 52.5 1.5
Barbell Row 8 47.5 1.5
Barbell Row 10 42.5 3
4 Weighted Ring Dips 10 2.5 1.5
Weighted Ring Dips 6 7 1.5
Weighted Ring Dips 8 5 1.5
Weighted Ring Dips 10 3.5 3
5 Barbell Curls 12 16.5 1.5
Barbell Curls 8 26.5 1.5
Barbell Curls 10 24 1.5
Barbell Curls 12 21.5 0

Decided to keep the deadlifts in the same kind of order as normal, much prefer working up a heavy set on these, and it’s probably safer too, nice and warmed up for the max set.

Weighted wide grip pull ups were a bitch. I thought I’d swap the heaviest set to the 2nd set, but on the last set I still struggled to hold the last rep for a second, which is what I do on all other reps, think I will try the heaviest set first next week, seeing as though my back an arms will already be warmed up from the deadlifts.

Barbell rows burned like hell, felt good doing the heaviest set 2nd, and the last set was great, felt a real burn in my back and lats.

Weighted ring dips were a bitch as always, but last set upped the reps to 10 as I was going to only do 8, and man those last 2 reps burned like hell.

Decided to throw in some barbell curls on the end of the workout, as my biceps are lagging a little, or more to the point I want them to look a little bigger. I haven’t normally bothered specifically working them out, but seeing as though I’m going the whole hog in this 6/7 week stint and trying to round out all my bodyparts, I thought I may as well bring my biceps up to scratch too lol.

Didn’t think I would struggle to eat the extra food I have planned, but alas I am, sat here writing this with a bloated belly after chucking down my protein shake consisting of 1 pint of full fat milk, with 50gr of protein powder and a banana, then followed by bangers, mash and baked beans, then half an hour later 3 weetabix in full fat milk, and my home made protein flapjack!

Need to make myself feel hungry in the mornings on workout days, so I can have the weetabix then, as it’s just too much in the evenings lol. I don’t normally like to eat in the mornings, preferring to fill myself up with liquids, seeing as though I’ve gone 8hrs with no liquid during the night, and I also feel like it kind of eases my body into the day, but hey ho, if I’m going to whole hog on the weight lifting side of things, I’ve got to do so on the eating too, and that means eating more than I have up until now.

If your interested to see the breakdown of what I ate today, feel free to check it out on MyFitnessPal http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/WeeMikeSilver?date=2014-03-04

Oh and I forgot to say I saw this cool Harris Hawk on the farm whilst pruning today. Some guy brings his birds onto the farm every now and again, but today I didn’t hear him, was pruning away in my own world, turned around and this was sat in the tree I was pruning lol….

Harris Hawk

Right, nearly bed time. Time for some Taurine before I go to bed a bit earlier than normal, fancy that I might need more than my normal 7hrs sleep tonight after today!

Until next time…



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