Tuesdays Workout 25.02.14 – Deadlifts and Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups

Todays workout went really well, and I felt so good I upped the reps on a number of exercises, even though it’s supposed to be light week, I just couldn’t resist the challenge lol.

Here’s todays workout…

  Exercise   Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
1 Deadlift   10 69 1.5
  Deadlift   10 79 1.5
  Deadlift   10 89 1.5
  Deadlift   10 99 1.75
2 Weighted Wide Pull Up   10 1 1.5
  Weighted Wide Pull Up   10 1 1.5
  Weighted Wide Pull Up   8 1 1.5
3 Barbell Row   20 27.5 1.5
  Barbell Row   15 32.5 1.5
  Barbell Row   12 37.5 1.5
4 Weighted Ring Dips   10 1 1.5
  Weighted Ring Dips   10 1 1.5
  Weighted Ring Dips   10 1 1.5

I was going to stick to 6 reps on the deadlifts but felt good so upped it to 10 across the board, and man was I panting by the end of the last set, phewee!

The pull ups we a proper challenge, just didn’t have anything left in my arms on the last set to pump out the last 2 reps, ah well it’ll do.

But the row’s, holy shit. I was originally going to stick with 12 reps across all 3 sets, but half way through the first set I thought ah fuck it, lets have a challenge, and by the 19th and 20th reps my lats were burning lol, and the same on both the following sets last few reps, so again supposed to be light, but I can’t resist a challenge lol.

The dips made my arms burn like hell, the last sets last 2 reps really took it out of them.

Although it’s supposed to be light week and I’m pushing myself to do the higher reps, I know I’m not going to feel overly tired over the coming days from these workouts as they are nothing compared to what I normally do. Yes sure I’ll get a bit of DOMS here and there, but I have that most days anyway, from the farm work and the heavy workouts, so I’m used to it.

I’m really liking these lighter higher rep workouts, and I’m really thinking of sticking to a light/medium routine for the next few months, see if I can lean out a little and get to see my abs again, we’ll see, I’ll make my mind up by the weeks end.

Either way I’m liking the way my back is starting to look…

Mike Back 25.02.14

Until next time…



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