Tuesdays Workout 18.02.14 – Deadlifts and Weighted Wide Grip Pulls + DOMS

Today was a tough day. Lovely sunshine for most of it on the farm, which meant all day pruning apple trees!

My legs were still aching from Sundays leg workout, and yesterdays H.I.I.T run and by the time I got home my arms, wrists, hands and upper back were aching too, which wasn’t good seeing as I had a back workout planned, oh well, as always, just get on with it Mike.

And this is what I did today…

Exercise Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
1 Deadlift 6 89 1.5
Deadlift 6 99 1.5
Deadlift 6 109 1.5
Deadlift 4 119 1.75
Deadlift 4 129 1.75
Deadlift 4 139 3
2 Weighted Wide Pull Up 8 2 1.5
Weighted Wide Pull Up 8 3 1.5
Weighted Wide Pull Up 6 4 1.5
Weighted Wide Pull Up 5 5 2
3 Barbell Row 10 37.5 1.5
Barbell Row 8 42.5 1.5
Barbell Row 8 47.5 1.5
Barbell Row 6 52.5 2
4 Weighted Ring Dips 8 2.5 1.5
Weighted Ring Dips 8 5 1.5
Weighted Ring Dips 6 6 1.5
Weighted Ring Dips 6 7.5 0

I felt so thick, slow and heavy during the whole workout. But I still did it and strangely it felt like a good workout by the end.

Because I felt slow and heavy, all the reps felt pretty good form wise. Nothing was rushed or hurried, I didn’t let my boom boom music take me away and whizz through the sets etc, I just plodded through it.

Yes I did struggle a little to lock out the last rep of the deadlifts, but I did it. And I didn’t quite manage to get my chin over the bar on the last pull up, but after the first full day of pruning for over a week, I am pretty happy with that. And especially considering my legs were still aching from Sundays leg workout and yesterdays run.

Spent 3o minutes going over the first part of my PT course, egads it looks complicated lol.

The silly thing is that I know what I’m doing fitness wise, and I can tell someone else what to do to get fit, lose weight, put on muscle, what to eat etc etc, but I need to be able to prove it, and also learn all the big complicated words for things.

I’m sure it will come with time, but right now I feel like a teenager again about to start studying for my GCSE’s, which I hated btw, and failed (being a bit of a juvenile delinquente didn’t help) but hey ho like I said I’m sure it will come with time.

Oh and no business stuff this evening as I had to rejig our finances for the next few months, after finding out our car needs about £500 spent on it. That’ll teach me for going through flood water again, guess I didn’t learn from last year, FFS!

Until next time…



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