Sundays Workout 16.02.14 – Squats and Weighted Ring Push Ups

That was a good leg workout today. But I’m definitely feeling the effects of the HIIT running I’ve been doing this week.

Here’s todays workout…

Exercise Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
Barbell Squat 10 66.5 1
1 Barbell Squat 10 76.5 1
Barbell Squat 8 86.5 1
Barbell Squat 8 96.5 1.5
Barbell Squat 6 106.5 1.5
Barbell Squat 4 111.5 3
2 Ring Push Up 8 10.00 1
Ring Push Up 8 15.00 1
Ring Push Up 6 20.50 1
Ring Push Up 6 25.5 1.5
Ring Push Up 4 30.5 1.5
Ring Push Up 4 35.5 3
3 Barbell Good Mornings 10 31.5 1
Barbell Good Mornings 10 36.5 1
Barbell Good Mornings 8 41.5 1
Barbell Good Mornings 8 46.5 2
4 Ring Flyes 8 2.5 1
Ring Flyes 8 5 1
Ring Flyes 6 6 1
Ring Flyes 6 7.5 2
5 Dumbbell Lunge 10 11 1
Dumbbell Lunge 10 13.5 1
Dumbbell Lunge 8 16 1
Dumbbell Lunge 8 18.5 0

The squats felt heavy as fuck on the 5th set again, so I left the 6th set at 4 reps and didn’t bother trying for 6, don’t want to over do it, just let my body adapt to the new lower body workload I’m putting it through.

The weighted ring push ups were slightly more challenging than normal, as I increased the decline on them. I put my feet up on a 7 inch high box, instead of the normal 6 inches. And although it was only an inch increase, I could certainly feel it in my arms and chest.

My lower back felt a little tired on the last set of the good mornings, so I really focussed on keeping my core tight and stable.

The ring flyes were slightly tougher than last week, and like the push ups I increased the decline from 6 to 7 inches.

The lunges nearly killed me this week, oh man. Upped the reps by a couple on both the 2nd and 4th sets and I think with the extra workload I’ve been putting my legs through, they were just not having any of it on the lunges. By the last few reps of the last set my heart was ready to pop out of my chest and my legs felt thick, heavy and ready to collapse under me.

Still, I did em, just lol.

Right that’s the fitness done for the day, now on to some business stuff. We’re still not able to get any business funding to move the business forward, so we’ve got to do it with personal money, which means it’s going slower than we want, but still, it’s going. Thats the main thing.

Go to go through some new potential suppliers this afternoon, see what type of active wear we might be getting in for the spring/summer.

Then I’ve got to sit down and work out what kind of marketing we’ll be doing once we’ve got the new lines in, all very brain taxing stuff lol.

Until next time…



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