Eating high protein junk food on free days.

So this weekend I decided to try a couple of experiments with my junk food. I’m a no holds barred meat lover. And if I could have my way I’d eat nothing but meat all day everyday, but alas my body doesn’t like that so I have to eat some other things too.

Anyway, on Fridays and for a couple of meals over each weekend day, I eat a bit of junk food and sometimes it can be low in protein, which isn’t a bad thing, but as I like to lift weights and want to build more muscle, I need a high protein intake.

So this weekend I decided to try to add a bit of extra protein to a few meals. Well, I say meals, but really they were just snacks, but hey ho.

Dr Zaks Protein Bread

First up was buying some Dr Zaks Protein Bread from a website called Protein Pick and Mix. I love the idea of it, bread that is high in protein (30g per 2 slices) as I love bread, buuuuut, it’s bloody wholemeal, and I hate wholemeal bread, and it sits heavy in my stomach too.

But I thought I’d give it a go and got a sample. Oh man it was horrible. To be honest as I hate wholemeal bread, it probably wasn’t the best idea to go trying a wholemeal protein bread pmsl, but hey ho.

As I think of all wholemeal bread, this one tasted like cardboard, and it was like eating cardboard for me, and only because I had put chocolate spread on one slice, and then chicken and mayo in between the other slice (NO, not together silly!) did it remotely taste nice.

Anyhoo, I won’t be having it again, I just couldn’t put myself through eating it again, not matter how much protein is in it!

So next up was a protein bar by Quest Nutrition, again getting it from Protein Pick and Mix. I chose the chocolate chip cookie dough flavour, and oh man was it tasty.

I’ve had my far share of protein bars over the years, and generally they all taste like shit. They’re powdery, tasteless, full of crap and cost way too much. But not these, or at least not this flavour.

It was a little hard straight out of the packet, but the taste was great, just like the flavour on the outside, cookie dough! And then when I got to the chocolate chips, oh man. And I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t leave an after taste, nor did it taste powdery either, bonus!

Not that I really eat many protein bars these days, but I would definitely buy this flavour again, and might even keep some in the cupboard in case of an emergency protein need …. because I have them occasionally, nothing to do with the chocolate chip cookie dough flavour, ooooh no.

So finally this weekend I also tried protein custard and chocolate cake! It entailed me putting some protein powder into some devon custard, and also into a chocolate cake my partner made.

She was going to bake a chocolate cake anyway, so I asked her to chuck in some vanilla protein powder, and it actually tasted pretty good, I couldn’t taste any of the protein powder which was great, so that’s a big tick for future cakes, a homemade bit of junk food that is high in protein, win win!

But it was the custard that was the bestest. Again all I did was mix some vanilla protein powder into the custard, gave it a quick whisk up, and voila protein custard. Couldn’t taste the protein powder at all, another win for a high protein junk food, yay!

So there we go, some idea of what I get up to at weekends and on my free days, when I eat junk food.

The way I look at it, is that I’m going to eat junk on these days anyway, so I may as well try to make them as high protein as I can, that way I don’t mess up my macro’s throughout the week too much!

Now, to find a way of getting protein into rum and coke.

Until next time…



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