Friday is Junk Food Day, and Fuck You I’m not Answering my Phone!

Whoop, Friday is here and it’s time to eat some junk food and drink some rum!

I look forward to Fridays every week, it’s what I lift weights for, just so I can eat lots of shit on a Friday pmsl.

Today was another wet and flooded day on the farm, pissing down with rain again, yet more water to add to the floods, it’s getting so bad it will take at least a year for the land to recover, not good, not good at all.

But at least it wasn’t taxing on my body, so it got some nice rest, which I needed after yesterdays shoulder workout.

Tonight I think I’ll dine on a pre-cooked chicken and air fried chips, then a couple of packs of chocolate biscuits, a big bag of crisps and as much rum and coke as I can manage before I start feeling a bit pissed, which is usually about 3-4 doubles lol.

Anyhoo, time for a quick rant …… for fuck sake people of 2014, it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t answer their phone, they might actually be doing something other than waiting for your phone call, fuck sake.

I missed one call from someone this morning, oh and where was I? AT FUCKING WORK! Ok they knew it was my break, but just because I didn’t answer doesn’t mean there is anything wrong or that you might have done something wrong, and yet now there is in fact something wrong because you’re wondering why I’m pissed at you for asking if there is something wrong, fuck sake.

Right, that’s me done, I’m off to kill some brain cells with rum whilst stroking my beard.

Until next time…



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