Thursdays Workout – Overhead Presses and Weighted Chin Ups

Thank fuck today is the last day of exercise, day off and junk food day tomorrow, whoop! This week is certainly taking it’s toll on my body, everything has ached at some point this week. It’s amazing how much a little HIIT running added in with some weight lifting can really whack your energy levels, oh yeah I spose my active farm job does come in to it too lol.

So here’s todays workout…

Exercise Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
Barbell Overhead Press 8 31.5 1
1 Barbell Overhead Press 8 36.5 1
Barbell Overhead Press 6 41.5 1.5
Barbell Overhead Press 6 46.5 1.5
Barbell Overhead Press 6 51.5 1.5
Barbell Overhead Press 5 56.5 3
2 Chin Up 10 2.50 1
Chin Up 8 5.00 1
Chin Up 8 6.00 1
Chin Up 5 7.50 3
3 Rear Delt Row 10 35 1
Rear Delt Row 8 37.5 1
Rear Delt Row 6 40 2
4 Barbell Glute Bridge 10 86.5 1
Barbell Glute Bridge 10 96.5 1
Barbell Glute Bridge 10 106.5 1
Barbell Glute Bridge 10 116.5 2
5 Upright Row 10 21.5 1
Upright Row 8 26.5 1
Upright Row 6 31.5 0

So today was pretty damn good. I felt strong and sturdy, which is surprising considering my legs were aching, as were my elbows.

It seems once I get going I can forget all my aches and with my music booming I really get into my workout and forget anything else.

Couldn’t quite manage the last rep on the OHP’s, which isn’t surprising as I’d upped the reps across all sets bar the first one, so my shoulders were pretty whacked by then.

I also couldn’t quite manage the last rep on the weighted chin ups, but again not surprising, as I upped the weight on this, and did try for the 6th rep but barely got an inch into in before I decided enough was enough lol.

I’m very happy with both though, I’m making steady but great progress on them so it’s all good.

Other shoulder lifts were just accessories to try an provide some shape to them, which is working I think, when I looked in the mirror this evening, my shoulders do look more rounder and fuller.

Lastly, the glute bridges were a killer. My hamstrings have taken a pounding this week, what with my heavier squats, lunges and good mornings on Sunday, then adding in the HIIT running twice this week, and then all the standing and bending etc I do on the farm, and they’ve not got much rest lol.

Right, I’m off to log my food on MyFitnessPal, which I’ll provide a link for tomorrow, nearly worked out what I’m doing on the thing.

Until next time…



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