Sundays Workout 09-02-14 – Squats and Weighted Ring Push Ups

Phewee, todays workout was well hard. Not that I wasn’t expecting it to be lol, but it felt harder than it should’ve I think.

Exercise Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
Barbell Squat 10 66.5 1
1 Barbell Squat 10 76.5 1
Barbell Squat 8 86.5 1
Barbell Squat 8 96.5 1.5
Barbell Squat 6 106.5 1.5
Barbell Squat 4 116.5 3
2 Ring Push Up 8 10.00 1
Ring Push Up 8 15.00 1
Ring Push Up 6 20.50 1
Ring Push Up 6 25.5 1.5
Ring Push Up 4 30.5 1.5
Ring Push Up 4 35.5 3
3 Barbell Good Mornings 10 31.5 1
Barbell Good Mornings 10 36.5 1
Barbell Good Mornings 8 41.5 1
Barbell Good Mornings 8 46.5 2
4 Ring Flyes 8 2.5 1
Ring Flyes 8 5 1
Ring Flyes 6 6 1
Ring Flyes 6 7.5 2
5 Dumbbell Lunge 10 11 1
Dumbbell Lunge 8 13.5 1
Dumbbell Lunge 8 16 1
Dumbbell Lunge 6 18.5 0

I upped the reps on the squats and by the last 2 sets I really felt it, struggled with the last rep on the 2nd to last set, then when I finished the 4th rep on the last set I felt a twinge in my right calf again. It had been fine all yesterday and today, now there’s a dull ache again, ah well, I’ll just be careful when I try tomorrows run.

On the weight ring push ups I upped the reps a little, and like the squats boy could I feel it by the last few sets, on the last rep of the last set I really had to squeeze everything to stabilise properly and lock it out, but that’s all good, means I got the rep an weights spot on.

Here’s a quick picture of my set up for the weighted ring push ups…

Weighted Ring Push Ups

As you can see I have a couple of small boxes that I put my feet up on, and I have the rings slightly lower than them to create a slight decline too, I think it’s about an inch or 2 at the most.

Good mornings were bang on too, I could feel my lower back getting tired on the last set, and the ring flyes were bang on too, upped the weight a little and on the last set I was just able to finish the last rep with good form.

But the lunges, holy shit, they nearly killed me, upped the weight and fuck a duck was my heart pounding at the end of each set, was so glad to see the end of them and the whole workout.

Feeling knackered but great!

Until next time…



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