Thursdays Workout – Overhead Press and Weighted Chin Ups

Today I felt really good lifting. Mainly down to having a much easier day on the farm, spent most of it driving around, so got to rest up nicely and was raring to go when I got home.

Here’s todays lifting that I did…

Exercise Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
Barbell Overhead Press 8 31.5 1
1 Barbell Overhead Press 6 36.5 1
Barbell Overhead Press 6 40 1.5
Barbell Overhead Press 4 45 1.5
Barbell Overhead Press 4 50 1.5
Barbell Overhead Press 4 55 2
2 Chin Up 10 2.50 1
Chin Up 8 5.00 1
Chin Up 8 6.00 1
Chin Up 6 7.50 2
3 Rear Delt Row 10 33.5 1
Rear Delt Row 8 36 1
Rear Delt Row 6 38.5 2
4 Barbell Glute Bridge 10 86.5 1
Barbell Glute Bridge 10 96.5 1
Barbell Glute Bridge 10 106.5 1
Barbell Glute Bridge 10 116.5 2
5 Upright Row 10 18.5 1
Upright Row 8 23.5 1
Upright Row 6 28.5 0

Really enjoying the OHP at the moment, which I think is down to not trying to lift heavier and heavier, and going for volume instead.

I’ve decided that I’m going for volume this month, try and get all my sets reps up a level, which I managed to do this week, so next week I’m going to add in a couple of extra reps on the last two heavy sets and see how that goes.

Weighted Chins were good, upped the weight a little from last week, got it bang on as I could’ve probably only done one more good rep on the last set. Again not going for really heavy, just want volume through the slightly higher reps and near perfect form.

Other two shoulder and trap exercises are just for finishers really, where as the glues oh my freaking gawd. I hate glute bridges so much, but I also love them at the same time, man they me work hard lol but then I’ve got to make sure I keep my nice firm gluteus maximus!

Ahhhh, that was a good 5 days of exercising, 3 weight lifting sessions and 1, or 3 quarters of a run, which btw my right calf is now feeling much better today, I think by Mondays run it should be fine to run on again, either way I’m giving it a go!

Until next time…



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