Wednesday Workout – Wading through floods.

My right calf was still feeling stiff this morning, so I knew straight away that I was going to miss todays run. But I didn’t know I’d have to be wading through some flood water to get to work!

It pissed it down all night and did for most of today, which added to the weeks on end of previous rain, it didn’t take long for the roads to start flooding around us again.

Got to the farm ok, but there is a big dip in the road as you get close to the farm, which was barely 10cm deep when we went through it, but further down the road the water had rising to about 30cm and I didn’t want to risk the car going through it, seeing as though we lost the last one to the floods last year.

So I turned around and by the time we got back to the big dip in the road, which would’ve been no more than 10 minutes, it had got over a foot deep, so we were stuck at the top of the dip watching it get deeper and deeper, and eventually stopping at 2.5 feet deep.

So we waited for the rain to ease so we could walk up the road to the farm and then waded through the water to get to the farm.

We left early so we could take a detour home, and the flooding had eased on the main roads enough to drive the car home, wooo, although the front number plate did fall off lol.

Until next time…



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