Tuesdays Workout – Deadlifts and Weighted Wide Pull Ups

So after yesterdays disaster of a run, and pulling my right calf muscle, it seems to have eased today. It was a bit stiff upon waking this morning, but as I spent the day walking around the farm pruning etc it warmed up and by the time I got home to do my weights workout for today it felt much better.

So this was todays workout…

Exercise Reps Weight in KG Mins Rest
Deadlift 6 86.5 1
1 Deadlift 6 96.5 1
Deadlift 6 106.5 1.5
Deadlift 4 116.5 1.5
Deadlift 4 126.5 1.5
Deadlift 4 136.5 2
2 Weighted Wide Pull Up 8 2 1
Weighted Wide Pull Up 6 3 1
Weighted Wide Pull Up 6 4 1
Weighted Wide Pull Up 4 5 2
3 Barbell Row 10 36.5 1
Barbell Row 8 41.5 1
Barbell Row 8 46.5 1
Barbell Row 6 51.5 0

I’ve started to up the reps on all sets of deadlifts now. Broke myself in slowly for January after having 2 weeks off over Christmas.

Until March I’m not going for my heaviest weights on anything, I’m just going for volume for a few months, then I’m going to build up in March to a max week where I’ll see if I can beat my current max’s on all the main lifts!

Anyhoo, when I got home my calf was nice and warmed up, but my left forearm/elbow had started to ache, which I know could be repetitive strain syndrome from pruning so much at this time of the year, but nothing can be done about that, so I just try to manage it as best I can.

Today that meant not using my left arm as much as possible, until I got home to weight lift that was!

Deadlifts were fine, although when it came to the heaviest sets I normally have a mixed grip and I swap between my left and right hands facing away etc, but today I didn’t want to stress my left arm, so I didn’t try with it facing out.

The problem came when I did my weighted wide grip pull ups. And again like when I’m pruning at work, whilst I’m actually moving my arm or lifting any kind of weight, it’s fine, but the dull ache/pain kicks in when I’ve finished.

And it wasn’t until the 3rd set of the pull ups that the dull ache kicked in, and rather than stop my workout I just blasted through my pull ups and the rows with less rest than normal, and had a nice hot shower, and then put some tiger balm on my arm.

I’m hoping to have a slightly easier day at work tomorrow, meaning no pruning, so hopefully my arm can get some rest, either way, it’s just a case of managing it as best I can.

Until next time…



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