Mondays Workout – Treadmill Running

So I purchased a treadmill a few weeks back, mainly because I wanted to get my overall fitness levels up, and I hate running outdoors other than on a track or where no-one is around, so a treadmill made sense.

I prefer to keep to interval training for about 20 minutes, or running a mile as fast as I can. In 2012 I managed to get my mile time down from 9 minutes at the beginning of the year to 7 mins and 6 secs by the end, or at least by the time we moved into the flat.

This time was also run outside, mostly on grass too, so I was pretty chuffed with myself by the end of the year, considering I think of myself as more of a weight lifter than a runner lol.

Anyhoo, all of 2013 I never gave running a second though, but when 2014 came round I realised that I needed to get my fitness levels back up a level, and thought I’d give running a go again.

So, the last few weeks I’ve been working my way back into running a mile again, and my first attempt was pretty much bang on 8 minutes, which I was pretty chuffed about, then as the few weeks have gone by, I got it down to 7 mins and 33 secs last Thursday.

Today I thought I’d go for 5 seconds quicker or better, so I worked out the speed I needed to hit on the treadmill, and off I went with it set at that speed, ooooooh no, as I just got to 1200 metres I felt a twinge in my right calf, and it seized up and I had to jump off the treadmill.

Not sure what happened, but after 30 mins or so it had eased off and I could walk fine, but it felt like I had a bad case of cramp in the lower part of my right calf.

Oh, did I mention I’ve been running barefoot too? No? … ah right, yeah I’ve always run in as flat a shoe as I can find, with it still offering enough protection from stones etc, but I’ve always wanted to run barefoot, and thought as I’m on a treadmill I may as well give it a go.

And until today it’s been going fine. But I seem to remember as I twinged my calf, my foot placement had gone off a little, as I was getting a little tired and I seem to remember not running normally, in that my feet were not hitting the treadmill as they normally do.

It might just be my imagination but I do have a feeling my foot striking was off.

Anyway, I’m going to try and find a flat pair of shoes before my next attempt on Thursday, that’s assuming my calf is ok by then, but either way I’ll find out more tomorrow as it’s weight lifting.

Fingers crossed its ok by the morning actually, as I could do without being in pain whilst working at the fruit farm!

Until next time…



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