Busy life equals time travelling!

Well it’s been nearly another month since my last post, this is becoming a bit of a habit, or not in my case lol.

Seems that the business and exercising has been taking up more time than I thought they would.

Stepping up my workouts by lifting heavier and more often, on top of working at the fruit farm, then coming home to workout again and then spend the evening doing business stuff, seems to have caught up with me as I had to take a week off last week.

I just felt so lethargic and unmotivated, I thought it better to just not workout for a week, and do the bare minimum on the business too, and now this week I feel much better, and will do quicker if I can get back to getting more than 7hrs sleep next week. For some reason any noise or car moving on the roads outside our flat seem to be waking me up around 6am the last few weeks, I’ve not been worrying about it, it’s just annoying and I’ve even tried going to bed earlier and later but I still woke up around 6am.

After the week off though it seems to be on the wane and the last few nights I have slept till the alarm goes off at 7am, which has been good, so who knows what it was really.

I realise now that I need to work in a back off week in my lifting, one where I lift lighter weights and recover from the previous 3 weeks of going heavy.

And I also need to set a limit as to how long each evening I spend on the business, or certainly at least shut off all business related activities after 10pm, and wind down properly before going to bed by 11pm.

It’s good that I am able to acknowledge all of this without outside input, or without doing myself some damage and then realising, but it’s still a little frustrating having not noticed the need for a better balance sooner.

But hey ho, I’ve got here in the end lol.

Got lots of new products to put on the business website tomorrow, so will use Sunday to plan ahead for a few weeks exercise wise, and get ready for the madness of the Christmas present buying from Nov 1st I think too.

Shit, I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here again, this year is just flying by!

Until next time…



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