Must remember to write things down.

Blimey, that was unintentional, nearly a month without writing. I need to remember to at least write something once a week, I want to be able to look back at things as the months and years go by, just see how things develop in my life, try an learn from them an all.

Ah well not a lot has happened in the last month anywa, or has it…

The business is finally moving on, wahoo! Managed to finally get some extra finance, and we’re looking at a few new suppliers right now. It came from an unlikely source, and one I had previously tried, but for a larger amount.

We now officially have a business bank account too, which is great. But boy did it take a while to sort out. I think in total it was a month from when I got the official letter saying we had a business bank account to actually being able to access it, after having to send various forms back and forth to request online access, a debit card etc.

Ah well, its open now, and things can look a bit more official when we pay suppliers!

It’s come at the right time too, as we’ve had plenty of time to rejig our ethics and meaning behind the business. We didn’t want to create just any kind of business we wanted it to have meaning, to have ethics.

And this last month I had a chance to rejig the layout of the website too, which is great. Yes I could’ve paid someone who knew what they were doing, but seeing as though we haven’t got any spare cash, I thought it better that I learn how to do it.

The website isn’t as professional looking as I’d like, but it’s good enough for now, and maybe later down the line when we have a bigger turnover I’ll pay someone else to improve it for us.

So, that’s that on the business front. On the personal front, things are still the same job wise, we’re still at the fruit farm job.

But we’ve both made the decision that we have to leave within the next 6 months, as we just cannot finance the business whilst still working on such a low wage. Plus all the people we work with are just happy to stay as they are, they don’t want to be healthier, or better of, they are happy to sit around and moan about how things are rather than get up and change them.

Anyhoo, fitness wise things have been going great. I’ve stepped up my workouts by gradually making the weights I use on the main lifts heavier, and I’ve also been doing more sets.

I’ve also been doing 2 barbell squat widowmaker sets a week, and this week just gone I managed to successfully lift 100kg for 20 reps, wahoo! As always I log my workouts on Fitocracy

I’m taking a step back next week on them, and doing a few sets a little lighter, whilst focusing on my main workouts, then the week after I’m going to go a little lighter in my main workouts and try an get to 105kg on the widowmakers, as I’ll get a nice shiney Purple badge on Fitocracy if I do!

Oh and I also unexpectedly upped my max overhead press too. I was lifting one evening, and felt really strong, so I whacked 65kg on the barbell and up it went lol. I was so fucking chuffed, but then maxes seem to work like that sometimes, I try for them and fail, but then I gradually increase my weight and volume and then unexpectedly BOOM my max goes up, sweet!

Right oh, that’s me done for today, off to do some business stuff.


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