Nearly three weeks without a peep.

Huh, times flies doesn’t it. It’s been a whole 17 days since I last posted, and what a last post that was, a childish whinge and time wasters, ah well, it probably taught em a thing or two lol.

So what’s been happening? Well, work on the fruit farm has been good, the sunshine and warmth has continued, which is almost a first for the British summer, lots of fruit picking, lots of shirtless days, ahhh the great outdoors lol.

My weight lifting has gone well, I’ve broken my barbell squat widowmaker PR by a full 5kg, which is great, and I’ve actually done a full 3 workouts a week on top of 2 widowmaker sets in between, so that’s 2 straight weeks of 5 days, no wonder I’ve been pooped each evening what with the farm work too lol.

The business has ticked along, quiet as normal for this time of year, and some great news is that we’ve been accepted for a business bank account, which is one step further down the line of getting some more financing, whoop!

We’ve made contact with a number of British manufacturers and clothing brands, so once we’ve got the financing things will get pretty exciting, which is good as it should all be in time for the Christmas rush.

Anyhoo, that’s all, just felt like a proper diary entry today, I might write something meaningful one day.

Until next time…



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