Time flies when you’re working a day job, a business and lifting weights.

Blimey that was a quick week!  Not surprised with work being busy during the day, and our own business taking up the evenings.

In the orchard things went as well as can be expected when the boss is only holiday, the people there think it’s ok to just do the few jobs they normally do, and then take it easy until its time to go home.

Even though the orchard is a mess with stuff from the last 6 months, and is in need of a big tidy up, people seem to think that it’s nothing to do with them, it does my head in most days, but it’s not my business and I get paid a low wage so it’s not my problem to deal with.

Although I do take pride in the work I do, I’m not making up for other people’s laziness when I’m barely paid enough to live on comfortably.

I’ll happily take the lead and begin jobs that I don’t need to do, but only as long as I know others will help me finish it, but that rarely happens in the orchard, so I just don’t take the initiative when it comes to the little jobs.

I do often wonder why people are happy giving far less than 100% in everything they do.  I mean in the orchard for instance, if everyone who worked there actually gave a shit about the job, and gave 100% everyday instead of thinking about their social lives more than the farm, then it might actually be more efficient and make more money for all of us.

Meh, I’m whinging about things outside of my control, so I’ll stop and focus on the shit I can control.

Like my own business.

This week both myself and my partner sat down and wrote out a to do list for the business.  Small things that we have neglected to do, that will make the difference to the time it takes to do things in the business, and their silly things that really we should have done months ago, but just never got round to doing them because we thought we could do them sometime in the future.

Well that future is now lol, and we’re finally working on them, whilst business is quiet and the finances are tight, we’re focusing on the stuff we can do for free, and then hopefully business will pick up and we can look back with pride knowing we’ve done all we could to make the business successful.

This weekend I’ve begun work on our first ever newsletter, which was interesting.  Not until I started it did I know what I wanted to put in it, and now that I have started it, I’ve had to curtail what I put in it for fear of overloading our customers with information lol.

We’ve also chosen a few more suppliers we can use, once we’ve got some finance in place, which is looking like around October time now, so until then it’s just a case of finding suppliers we want to use, see if they’ll let us use them and then wait until we’ve got the finances to use them.

Other than that my exercise has been good this week, done the 2 main workouts of the week, as well as two widowmaker barbell squat sets, then when it came to Saturdays main workout I wussed out because I went to bed late on Friday night and felt like shit all day on Saturday.

So I just did another widowmaker set of barbell squats and then some push ups and barbell curls lol

I’ve decided this weekend that I want to be bigger.  I don’t know why, but something in me this last week has really enjoyed doing the extra widowmaker workouts, and I’ve wanted to do a little more too, and then when I’ve caught myself in the mirror I’ve been thinking to myself that I want to have bigger muscles.

I don’t want to be bodybuilder big, and I don’t think I could ever be as I like my chocolate and fizzy pop too much, but I just want to be big enough that when people look at me they can see I’m serious about lifting weights.

Right now if I meet someone new, they just say ‘oh, you look like you work out’ …. and I think to myself, no shit fuck face, you’re damn right I work out, 8hrs 5 days a week on a farm and then 3 days a week lifting heavy stuff, fuck yeah I work out.

But then when I look at my routines and in the mirror, I think to myself, actually I need to go heavier, and add more workouts in during the week.

I’m rarely overly tired from working out whilst at the farm, so I know my body has acclimatised to the current workload, and so can take more, and I want to look bigger in the mirror, so the only way that’s going to change is by me getting more serious about it.

And so I’ve upped the weights so that my main lifts are around 85% of my 1 rep max, and all the other movements I do are a little heavier to, and I’ve cut the shitty barbell curls out and added in some extra chin ups instead.

I’ll give this new routine about a month and see how I feel after that, and what my stats look like.  I’ll keep my food intake the same, as I could do with losing a few pounds of fat, especially around my waist.

It’s not big by any means, but for my height it is, and I fancy being able to see some definition from my abs, rather than just a glimmer like right now.

The most interesting thing will be how my clothes fit lol.  There’s nothing better than putting on a tshirt and my arms, chest and back stretch the fabric and make me feel huge lol. Or putting on a pair of trousers and feeling them really tight around my quads lol.

But that hasn’t happened for a while, since I’ve gone up from small to medium in most of my clothing (or the equivalent in trousers) as I was getting a little too tight with a lot of stuff and it looked a little silly, like I was desperately trying to look bigger by wearing smaller clothes lol.

So I’ve of course now got to fill out those medium size clothes, it’s only right.

Until next time…



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