Stepping up the lifting equals one tired weeman!

Phewee, a tiring day on the fruit farm, bent over planting Strawberry plants all day, man my back was killing when I left today!

Really didn’t fancy doing my workout, but by the time I got home it had eased up a bit, so I sucked it up and got on with it.

Today was shoulder day anyway, so my back got it a little easy, but because my overhead presses are pretty heavy I did feel it slightly in my lower back, and then when I was doing some barbell rear delt raises my back started shouting at me to stop bending over lol.  As always I’ve logged the workout on Fitocracy…

I usually tack on some glute thrusts for fun at the end, but thought I’d give them a miss today seeing as though my lower back was already tired, I didn’t think it could do with pressure being put on it, even though it’s the glutes doing the main bulk of the work, my lower back does still take some strain, and it wasn’t going to let me today, so I gave em a miss.

I’ve decided to add a bit of volume to my shoulder workouts and do 8 sets of barbell overhead presses instead of 5, and i’m keeping the top set around 80% of my max, so we’ll see how that goes over the next month.

I just feel stronger lately so I thought it’s time to step things up a notch, so I’ve added in the extra OHP sets and also decided to do a widowmaker set of barbell squats on the days I don’t workout (3 days a week, but not including rest day) and I’m hoping that this will all add up to putting on some more muscle.

My body fat is around 15% and is always around that, so I know I’ve got spare calories in my nutrition to be playing with from the extra exercise, but I’ll keep an eye on my stomach measurements to make sure my weight doesn’t decrease too quickly, as if it does I’ll know i’m pushing my body too hard too quickly, but we’ll see how it all goes over the next month or so.

I decided not to add in any extra sets of deadlifts this Monday as I wanted to do the widowmaker squat sets first this week, and then next week I’ll add in some extra sets to the deadlifts.

I know I’m going to be feeling thick and heavy all week for the next few weeks, and in a weird way I kind of like the feeling lol.  What I mean by thick and heavy is just that all my muscles tend to feel heavy and full, but I like to call it thick lol.

I know it’s all good as I know when I push myself how my body responds, and I also know when I push too much (eg lift too often etc) with my active farm work and my body responds by being tired instead of thick and heavy.

Anyhoo, only a few more days to find out if the business can get some additional funding.  Had a few responses from potential suppliers, and they look fairly priced so they’ve gone on to the maybe list, hopefully we’ll get a few responses before the week is out, so we’ll have a good list to go through and pick from for our autumn/winter range, aaaarrrrgggghhh, the one and only thing I hate about clothing from a business point of view is having to pick stuff to sell in the future, like now, it’s hot summer time and I’m looking at autumn/winter stuff, noooooooo!

Oh shit, I’ve just realised I’ve given a bit of what I do as a business away there, ah well, it’ll all be revealed soon enough anyway.

I’ve decided that I don’t care if a customer buys from the business then happens to find my blog and dislikes what I write/think, this is a new world we live in and everything should be transparent (well, most things lol), so if you don’t like it, don’t read it or buy it, go somewhere else, there’ll always be people willing to read it and buy it, or buy it first then read it, or, oh bollocks I’m rambling now, time for bed I think.

Until next time…



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