My body is capable of more than I think.

Aaaah, much better working on the fruit farm today, not so sunny and a bit cooler too, although the sun did come out proper this afternoon, it was nice to have some cloud cover this morning for a change.

Can’t believe how long this sunny hot weather has gone on, we’re definitely not used to it here in the UK, but I’m not complaining I love it, and would love to life in a hot country in the future, and that’s the aim, not sure where though, maybe Australia or perhaps California as I’ve always fancied the US.

Today was interesting as my shoulders were aching from last nights training, and I thought it would just be a normal sluggish day for me, as that’s normally how I feel the day after one of my training sessions, but today I just felt amazingly full of energy all day.

I pushed myself to pick the fruit quicker, carry more trays of things, move quicker and generally just work quicker and when the end of the day came I was surprised.

Not just by the fact that it was the end of the day, but that I wasn’t my normal tired self.  My body felt great, a little sweaty and dirty, but otherwise I felt full of energy despite pushing myself to work harder than normal.

And that got me thinking that perhaps I’ve conditioned myself to work for longer, harder and faster than I do normally without actually knowing it?

I’m pretty anal when it comes to staying healthy for 6 out of 7 days, and that’s mainly because I want to be at my best whilst at work as it’s a physical job, and also I just generally love being fit and strong, which wouldn’t happen if I didn’t look after myself obviously.

Although I’m nowhere near as anal as some people when it comes to keeping fit and strong, as I allow myself a fair few opportunities to indulge my sweet tooth, but then I know that I’ll burn it off being so active in my job, heh, that’s what I’m sticking with anyway lol.

Anyhoo, I decided tonight that I want to add in a little extra weight lifting to my usual 3 days a week, and decided that I need to work on my legs a little more, and so I decided to add 2 extra days in of lifting, and stick to barbell squats, and widowmaker sets at that.

I’ll only be doing one set of widowmakers twice a week on the days inbetween my 3 normal workouts to begin with, and I started at a low weight of 46.5kg tonight, which felt pretty easy, but then I didn’t want to over do it, I want to break my body into it, and along with my normal workouts and day job on the fruit farm I know how easy it is to over do things.

So we’ll see how it goes, I’m thinking that in about a months time I’ll be at my previous widowmaker pr of 77kg, so it will be interesting to see if by slowly building up to it like this if I can beat it at all, only time will tell I guess.

Oh and as always I logged my workout on Fitocracy…

No business stuff to talk about tonight, sent a few emails to potential new suppliers, but I’m not getting my hopes up of being able to use them as a lot of brands seem to be put off by my business being just online.  Never mind, I’ll get there slowly but surely, mark my words.

Until next time…



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