And so time brings the week upon me.

Well, despite my best attempts at making out that this week would never come, it’s finally here, the week where we can find out if we’ll be able to get some more financing for the business.

I’ll be fine until Saturday morning, as that’s the main day, and up until then I’ll be able to preoccupy myself with other things, but once Saturday morning comes, that’s it I’ll be up early, doing things I don’t normally do, just to pass the time quicker until the decision comes.

It’s been a good week just gone, lots of sunshine at the fruit farm, plenty of things to do has made the week go pretty quickly so that was good, as always the evenings were spent either lifting weights or doing a few business things, and by a few, I do mean a few.

I’ve deliberately kept the business stuff to a minimum the last few weeks.  I didn’t want to put lots of time into things if the financing didn’t come off, as it would be a waste of time, so I’ve made plenty of plans, and they are ready to go as and when the financing gets confirmed.

Other than that, it’s just been a case of enjoying the fine British summer, which has been great, a few days out at the weekends, and this last weekend gone we went down to the local river and sat there for a few hours, enjoying the shade and watching nature.

It’s a bit weird from a business point of view thinking that this is one of only a few chances of moving forward this year, if it doesn’t come off there isn’t anywhere else we can go for financing, until around November time.  That will be our 1st anniversary and I know of a couple of places to approach for financing, but until then this is our last option.

Ah well, what will be will be, we’ll find out at the end of this week.

As always being a Monday, I logged my exercise on Fitocracy…

Until next time…



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