Sleep solves most things.

Well, feeling a bit better tonight, than last night anyways, seems I needed sleep to ease my frustrated mind, who wudda thunk it lol.

Woke up feeling lethargic though this morning, but thats probably down to the heat, man it’s warm at night at the moment, an I can’t sleep with the windows open as we live on the bottom floor of the block of flats, ah well, the fan is a little noisy by it helps keep me cool.

Work on the fruit farm was good today, a relaxed pace, picked cherries again which is always great as I love cherries, not that I ate many ahem cough cough …. it was baking hot yet again, not that I mind the heat as long as I’ve got plenty of water to drink, and it’s great being able to work with my top off, got me a nice tan coming along now.

Got home and today was shoulders workout day, and as always I’ve logged in on Fitocracy…

Decided to set myself a couple of reminders, one to brush my teeth 30 mins before going to bed, as I have a tendency to not bother before getting into bed, an when I look in the mirror I sometimes wish I had white teeth, and seeing as though I can’t afford to get em whitened then brushing twice a day is the next best thing lol.

And I’ve also set another reminder, which actually went off about 20 mins ago pmsl … and that one is to go to bed, so guess I better do so, need my recovery sleep after a great shoulder workout.

Got some business stuff done this evening, slowly building up to our new launch at the beginning of August, it’s all exciting, just hope it alls goes to plan!

Until next time…



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