End of an amazingly sunny week.

Aaaaah the working week is coming to an end, sweet!

It’s been a great first week back from 2 weeks off, thought I might be a little tired, which I am, but that’s mainly from working out, my body needs to get used to the movements again.

It’s be great it being so sunny and warm, getting a nice tan again, but it’s a pain in the arse getting all dusty and dirty from working outdoors, thank fuck I’ve got a shower lol.

I’m amazed at how we’re having such a great summer this year here in the UK.  Normally we have a week or so like this, and then a few days spatted throughout the summer, but this year we seem to be having week after week of great weather, long may it continue!

Wednesdays training went great, stuck to medium weights and sweated buckets whilst doing them, but felt great to be lifting again,  as always I logged the workout on Fitocracy… https://www.fitocracy.com/entry/24621435/ .

Done a little business stuff this week, but deliberately kept it on the low side as I wanted to make sure that the rename and rebrand that we did last week fitted properly.

I feel more comfortable with it now its had a chance to sink in properly, and it gives the business more scope for growth in the future, which is good.

We’ve not announced it officially yet, as we want to get a couple of more suppliers on board, and then we’ll let the world know we’ve changed a little, and will probably kick it off with a give-away competition too.

Right then, it’s Friday morning, 8 more hours work on the fruit farm and then back home to stuff my face with some junk food and play poota games this evening, and then enjoy the weekend, in the sun, saweet!

Until next time…



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