Yay I love flying bugs, not – fuck you bugs!

Well today went better than I thought it would.  Seeing as it was the first day back to work on the farm after 2 weeks off, I had visions of being cream crackered by the end of it, but alas I felt fine, a little sun scorched but not tired at all.

It was a pretty laid back day really, watering what plants are left in the polytunnels, and then putting some aubergine plants into grow-bags in those same polytunnels – holy shit they were hot, I reckon around 35c or more, shit I was sweating!

Also had to water various squash and pumpkin plants we had planted out in the fields a week or so ago, they were looking a little sorry for themselves with all this sunshine.

Oh man the sunshine, on one hand I fucking love it, hot, warm sunshine, yes, but the bugs, oh fuck a duck the bugs!

There are obviously more bugs around a farm than most others places, but man they were doing my head in today, because I was all sweaty an hot they kept sticking to me, getting in my nooks an crannies – seeing as though I was wearing shorts and no top, they kept getting up my shorts and down the back of my shorts.

Or the best one was sticking to my back or chest and tickling the shit out of me, so then I had to itch with hands covered in dirt from planting.  My back and chest were dirty as hell by the end of today pmsl.

I did get my own back though, by squashing a few horse-flies, those little fuckers are really annoying, you don’t hear them until they’re already sucking on your blood, sluuuuurp, ouch, what the fuck is that, oh you little shit, SLAP, stomp stomp, have that you shitbagbloodsuckers, me man, me kill you, hazaar!

Anyhoo, was glad the day was over by the end, as I was pretty sticky and sweaty, although I didn’t shower straight away when I got home as it was workout day.

Although I’ve only taken a week off from exercise, I’m going a little lighter than normal this week, just to ease myself back into it, an then start up on the new 5/3/1 routine I’ve put together next week.

Today was Deadlifts as the main exercise, with some weighted chin-ups and barbell rows thrown in, and some weighted ring-dips to finish up, as always I’ve logged it on Fitocracy… https://www.fitocracy.com/entry/24541997/

Was supposed to do some business stuff this evening too, but once I had eaten and showered and then sat on the sofa I started to feel quite tired mentally, so I decided to give it a miss, nothing too important needed doing anyways, but I’ll make sure to do it tomorrow evening instead.

Until next time…



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